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Who would like to congratulate Ricky Ponting......?

On being the most successful test captain ever?

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    Who would ever have guessed that the most successful test captain ever would be Ricky Ponting. Congratulations Ponting you champion

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    Congrats to Ricky Ponting..

    He is undoubtedly one of the best ever captain in the world.Being No 1 is not important,trying to maintain the Top position is what important and he has done that for the Australians.It is also unbelievable that such a good captain is also consistent in his batting and is almost second in the list of highest runs in tests after Sachin Tendulkar.He never let his captaincy affect his batting and so these factors all make him one of the most successful captains ever.

  • Shoe
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    1 decade ago

    I'll congratulate him on this test. I've been critical of him as a captain - I'm not alone there, a lot of people including past Australian players have been. But this test, he made a declaration that surprised many. He backed himself and his team and they came through.

    As for being the most successful captain ever, I don't believe you can measure success as a captain on win-loss record alone. It doesn't matter how good a captain the New Zealand team has, we will never have the depth to dominate the game like Australia has done, let alone for the length of time they have. So obviously, no matter how good a captain we may have, he will never be as successful in terms of matches won as Ponting.

    So again, well done in this game, but for me (and for many others more qualified than me to judge) he isn't one of the great captains.


    I'll also add that I agree with another respondent - he has (despite his shortcomings) a ton of talent as a batsman, and plenty of courage and determination.

  • Evan
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    1 decade ago

    Congrats to Ricky

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes. Good question Asterix. Ponting is the best cricketer of the decade, and now the most successful captain in history.

  • 1 decade ago

    Congrats 2 greatest captain ever

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its a great feat. Congrats to Ponting.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well done Ricky Ponting

    Also congratulations to retard Matt who was able to string 5 words together in his answer

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    theres more to pointing than a captain... he a natural at it...

    have you guys read his book.. its amazing.. the thoughts he has after loosing a test. winning a test wat he actually talk about with his bowlers...

    ricky pointing you are on of the best captains ever... an amazing stroke player... with a good brain or cricket....

    he almost had a debut test Century against srilanka... (he made 96)

    theres one box still to to tick in pointings captains check list,,, win an ashes series in england.... all the other boxes are complete (world cup win, champions trophy)

    once he accomplishes this i reckon he will retire from test cricket... perhapS NOT but overall./.. once he retires his spot isnt going to be easy to fill the class.. and agression...


    currently he is 35... so maybe another 4-5 yrs....

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    congrats to punter.

    To those idiots mostly from India who rate him poorly look at the record books and despite what your views may have you believing, it says that Ricky Ponting has the most wins of any captain in the history of the game and close to the highest winning percentage. Seeing he has got a good couple of years left in him he will be miles out in front with the number of wins as a captain and he'll probably be so far out in front that his record as captain will be as unreachable as Bradman's batting average.

    Nobody who has ever played as captain has batted as well as Ricky Ponting has over so many matches and had to play two forms of cricket. Not only has Ricky Ponting captained Australian teams to victories in all different trophies, but he has also captained Australia to an unbeaten run in World Cup matches over two world cups since he took over as captain. He has also won almost all individual honours for batting to top it all off. Nobody else ever in the history of the game has achieved close to that of Ricky Ponting as a batsman/captain.

    None of your Indian players not even Tendulkar will have come close to achieving what Ponting has as a player/captain by the time all of the current team retires. This is despite the fact your team is well known by everyone outside India to have cheated its way to the position it currently is by doctoring pitches and using other methods of cheating.

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