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(My Christmas hotiday)














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    Instead of staying at home to study,I went to the AIA Hong Kong World Carnival.I think this carnival is much more better than the previous few years.There were a lot of games,and I played quite a lot of them,such as the euro coaster,G-force and the water coaster.I like the euro coaster a lot.this is my favourite in the Carnival.It is very exciting.Overall,I think this carnival was very good.I highly recomme you all to go there.

    Of course,we also had the Christmas dinner.We had the turkey!!!I liked it a lot.

    I think my Christmas Holiday was very splendid although I didn't have any trips overseas.I liked this Holiday a lot.

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    My Christmas holiday

    (時間關係打曬small letter)

    in the weeks before christmas,i started to decorate my lovely mum and i put up many beautiful and sparkling decorations.also,i put twinkling light bulbs on the christmas tree,

    on christmas eve,my family and i ent to the midnight mass and sing christmas carol.besides,we watch the wonderful christmas lightings in tsim sha tsui until midnight. on christmas day, we gather in restaurant to enjoy big feast.

    because of the celebrations my christmas holiday was mostly enjoyable。


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    If it is a journal, then here are the tips.

    1.Start with a date to a date. E.g. 15th of December to 31st of December, 2009.

    2.Think of 1 day that is very special or memorable to you. E.g BBQ with your


    3.(optional) If you have anything you want to add something you like, then write

    it. E.g. Almost your birthday.

    4.(optional) Stick some of your photos. E.g. Picture of you and Santa Claus.

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