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大約講2 - 3分鐘左右啦~





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    1.Last week saw Disney Pixar's "towering Jiubing (Up)" (3-D, and I sat in the front row), which is related to a life of adventure and friendship cartoons. Films have touched my heart-strings, to a "critical others" in a positive psychology approach, but also with the theme of this month ─ ─ fun and games to each other.

    2.Carl Fredricksen,Ellie,Russell.

    3.Ellie illness died, leaving Carl. Now, old Mr. Fredricksen be left to live in was originally part of the adventure of two people. He used all means let the spirit often accompanied by Ellie around, including photographs, scrapbooks, personal notes and imaginative dialogue ─ ─ Jiugen They encounter the same as when the creative play.

    Mr. Fredricksen initially refused, and insisted that he did not need help. However, Russel has the courage to keep on fighting, and later Mr. Fredricksen with Russell, he established a similar relationship with Ellie, two at a given time, with a specific spatial complement to pursue a dream.

    When they arrived at a waterfall, Mr. Fredricksen found his lifelong dream of actually hiding the reality of darkness, he opened a childhood idol scene. Fortunately, his side are full of energy and courage to a friend Russell and others, so that he can break through the darkness, light to reproduce.

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