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角色+旁白一共4人= ="




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    Ross: ... finally...

    Phoebe: Is that Ross?

    Monica: Yeah, you can hear everything through these stupid walls.

    Phoebe: Sounds like he's with someone.

    Chandler: He could be alone. This morning I heard him do push-ups, and then talk to his triceps.

    Monica: Wait a minute, I think Phoebe's right. You know I hear someone else in there with him.

    (they all put their ear against the wall to be able to hear what's being said. We move to Ross's room where he and Charlie are kissing.)

    Charlie: Ooh... Dr. Geller!

    Ross: God, you're amazing... I didn't even have to ask you to call me that.

    Monica: Oh my God, that's Charlie!

    Chandler: She's cheating on Joey with Ross!

    Phoebe: Oh that tart... floozy... giant...

    Monica: I'm not sure about this.

    Phoebe: Yeah, you're right. This is none of our business.

    Monica: No I'm not sure that it's the best way to hear everything. Someone get me a glass!

    Phoebe: Oh, I'm not gonna do this, okay? I'm not gonna eavesdrop on my friend.

    Rachel: (through wall) Ooh... I love Barbados!

    (Phoebe starts to listen at the other wall, where Rachel's room is. There, Joey and Rachel are kissing.)

    Joey: Ooh... I can't believe I'm kissing you. I'm kissing Rachel!

    Rachel: I know, I'm her!

    (they start to kiss again, and Phoebe turns to Chandler and Monica)

    Phoebe: (whispering) Rachel and Joey! It's Rachel and Joey!!!

    Monica: What?

    Phoebe: Get over here!

    (Chandler and Monica take a sprint to the other wall)

    Rachel: ooh...

    Chandler: Wow!

    Monica: (in her Monica-excited-way... TOO LOUD!) Oh my God, I love how thin these walls are!

    (In the rooms next door, Joey, Rachel, Ross and Charlie stop kissing and try to understand what the yelling was about. After a while they continue kissing. We're back in Chandler and Monica's room. Monica has some of her own hair stuffed in her mouth by Chandler.)

    Monica: (muffled) Thank you.

    Source(s): Friends script: Season 10 Episode 1. The one after Joey and Rachel Kiss
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