GH: Your vote on JJ as Lucky?

I know that a lot of longtime fans were ecstatic about JJ coming back, but I'm wondering what everyone's opinion is now. I've only been watching the show for like 5 years, so I never saw Johnathan Jackson as Lucky. I was pretty upset when I found out Greg was leaving and I didn't like JJ when he first came on the show, but now I'm loving him. I'll still be a Greg Vaughn fan forever, but I definitely like JJ more as Lucky. He makes him so much more likeable.

Your thoughts?

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    As a long-time watcher of GH I was hoping that once the newer viewers gave him a chance they'd see why we were so happy to have him back. I'm glad he's won you over. JJ is, was, and will always be Lucky to me. GV was a good actor, but I hated how they wrote Lucky's part since JJ left. Now they're starting to show the true Lucky again and JJ brings back the heart and soul of Lucky. Since he'd been gone so long I wasn't sure if he'd be the same, but he's just as good an actor as I remember and has lived up to my expectations.

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    I have been a fan now for a little over 1 year, so don't remember JJ from before. As for Greg Vaughn, good looking but his acting left a lot to be desired! Everyone has different tastes and opinions and that is what makes it fascinating to come here to exchange opinions and views. When I first saw JJ play Lucky, I saw what a huge difference between these two men. As far as looks go, GV was more handsome and Masculine, but JJ knows how to put his Emotions out there to reach us. He is making a much better character out of Lucky, and to watch him interact with others, like Michael, Sonny and especially Liz and Luke is a pure joy! He can surely hold his own with all the really good actors on GH! I think we are all Lucky he came back!

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    1 decade ago

    I have always been a JJ fan. When he left, the character of Lucky lost something and I did not like the direction they took the character and what they did to it. GV was good, but I didn't feel like he brought much to the canvas and definitely not the depth that the character of Lucky had and needed. With JJ's return, we are seeing the renewal of this character and certainly a more dynamic Lucky. He works well with everyone on the show and his character is much more believable now I feel. He's returned Lucky to what he was supposed to be--rebellious, fiesty, smart, caring--really a perfect combination of Luke and Laura.

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    I am loving it, there is more depth and honesty to the character. He works so well with everyone on the canvas and the connection between him and Luke is still there. JJ plays that part of Lucky that wants to love Luke and you can see it in his eyes. I am so glad he is back, sad for Greg but JJ has always been Lucky to me!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have always loved JJ as Lucky & lost interest in the character when GV had the role. I think that JJ does a much better job with this character!! GV just could not pull off Lucky for me!

  • Sherry
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    I love Jj! I didn't like Lucky the entire time he was played by GV. He didn't have chemistry with Liz, Luke, or anyone else for that matter. He didn't look anything like Luke or Laura. He just wasn't a good fit for the character in my opinion. JJ has such great chemistry with everyone. He reminds me a lot of Jason in that you can really see his emotions in his eyes. I'm so happy to have him back!

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    Jonathan Jackson is the original Lucky and the only "real" Lucky to me. I've been watching for much longer, like when Liz and Lucky had the wedding at the church and exchanged vows. When Lucky found Liz after the rape. I remember when he sang to her! I ♥ JJ.

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    it fairly is how Jonathan Jackson performed fortunate from the initiating. he's often been very emotional and that's some thing Greg Vaughan and the different actor who performed fortunate could no longer get. I fairly have consistently questioned why the writers on no account had Greg play an emotional fortunate yet perchance it fairly is because of the fact Greg as an actor could no longer faucet into his thoughts? i'm undecided. I actual like Jonathan enjoying fortunate because of the fact it jogs my memory of ways fortunate was (quite while Elizabeth first got here to city interior the mid-90s).

  • wow.. i have been watchn gh for 5 years and i like jj as lucky alot better i just feel his character more

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    that's really cool

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