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Best Point Guard in the West?

Deron Williams or CP3 or Steve Nash?

I go with Deron Williams btw you can choose other points guard besides these three

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    Aaron Brooks... he aint allstar... but he's carrying the Rockets with all Heart... and he is doing it all.

    With his current speed and size... he's the most hard to defend in the league in the point guard position.

    Point guards against Point Guards.

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    I'd say Steve Nash. It wasn't and easy decision cause he's starting to lose his touch cause he's getting old CP3 has got time left in his career so i wouldn't mind about his teams performance but he deserves to be in a team that can get to the conference finals or maybe even the nba finals. Where as Nash is a sharpshooter but he's losing fatigue fast because of his age but is still a HUGE help to the phoenix suns and he also has more experience then any of those players so Steve Nash wins.

    But also Chauncey Billups is pretty good so its a contest.

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    As of right now its Steve Nash hands down, he's playing just as good as he was during his MVP years and shows no signs of slowing down or anything of that sort, he's also one of the best shooters In the game and possibly THE best Free Throw Shooter in NBA history. In terms of who plays the point guard position the best, its Steve Nash.

    Of course its not only that he's a good scorer but he's one of those players that pretty much deserves an assist on every basket because thats how well he can run and predict the offense. If basketball was to implement the Hockey assist then Steve Nash would probably average 30 assists per game, simply because all the plays that are run on the Suns are jump started by his offensive awareness.

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    I would have to say CP3. However i like how deron williams plays more.

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    D.Will doesn't get enough credit. He's talented. But I'm gonna have to go with Steve Nash. He's been playing great lately.

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    CP3 FTW!

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