Where are some drawing classes in Alabama?

I am 14 and I'm interested in learning how to draw. But I can't find any places in Alabama. Can you guys help?

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    : Alabama Charcoal Drawing Class at Space One Eleven

    Description: Drawing and Portfolio development for Highschool students

    Date: October 6, 2009 – February 16, 2010

    Full Description: Alabama Charcoal will teach process over product, and career paths in the arts in order to debunk the myth of the "disenfranchised artist", and provide an awareness of practice, exploration, and communication. The critique is central to Alabama Charcoal because it teaches students to be self-reflexive and engage in the process of art making. Alabama Charcoal Drawing class will use hand-outs from Nicolaides' The Natural Way to Draw, and Drawing: Structure and Vision, by Fritz Dury and Joanne Stryker, as a reference, and teacher demonstrations as an instructional tool. The majority of teaching will result from individual conversations with students about works in progress, and art history.

    Phone Number: 328-0553

    Other Event Features: Kid-Friendly

    Location: Space One Eleven

    2409 2nd Ave North Birmingham, Al, 35203

    Geographic Area: Birmingham Metro

    Time: 3:45 PM – 6:00 PM

    Event Website: http://www.spaceoneeleven.org

    Price: Scholarship or $100 per month


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