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drinkssss for new yearsss?

on new years im obviously going to be drinking. but i find that even if i have one or two drinks the next day my stomach hurts because of the sugar or acid in the drink. i was just wondering if any one knows of any good tasting drinks that dont have a tonne of sugar in them or dont make loads of acid in your stomach or what to do to help with the acid! thanksss!


actually the beerman you have to have 20 characters in the title so would you rather me do a bunch of question marks? shut up.

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    The Beerman Sez: Mountain Dew. Anyone who uses too many esses at the end of words is obviously underage.

    Edit: You did it in the main section too. Stick to Shirley Temples until you are of age.

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    If you are sensitive to acid the alcohol is a problem for you. Alcohol reduces the mucus of the stomach and intestines which then opens it to irritation from stomach acid, digestive chemicals, and alcohol. I suggest you have food before, while, and after drinking alcohol to help buffer your stomach.

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    LOL...Then maybe you better not drink. If your stomach is really sensitive you either have to take the pain the next day OR just not drink and have a coke.

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    the best drink is champagne (france)

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