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Questions about Bogota, Colombia.?

I might be moving there in September of 2010.

Would i get in trouble for having a 2009 Honda CR-V. I plan on shipping my car there when i move, i don't want to buy a new one. I know its not a BMW or a Mercedes but its new and nice. Would it easily get stolen? Also, where would be the best place to rent an apartment for about $750-$950USD. I'm 18 (female) and i would be living with my brother who is 16. Would this be dangerous?

Also, how expensive is it to get american channels there like MTV, E!, ABC, The CW, FOX, Fox Family, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and others like that. Is it even possible? Will i need to buy converters for my electronics or do the outlets work the same as here in america. I know that in some places in Europe you need converters. Also, where would be a good place for me to get a job with the best pay. I know i wont be getting much. I am fluent in both English and Spanish. I've had a job here in houston as a cashier (i know its nothing but it might help with references). I was thinking something like a tour guide, a secretary, or a waiter at a nice restaurant where tourists go. I will also be going to college there in January so i could not get a full time job.

If you're wondering why I'm moving lets just say that i have to. I will be getting financial support though from family, about $2,000USD a month. My brother is already there.

Any other advice is great! like How is it there. Is it better to drive, taxi, bus? Where are the best places to shop, eat and hang out? Oh and also, could i get into a university there? I will be graduating from high school here in Texas in may. My Spanish is very good but not excellent though. Is there a university with English classes? If not, what is the best way for me to perfect my Spanish? I was born there but moved here when i was 3 and haven't returned since so i don't know really much about Colombia. Oh and my brother has been there for a year.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well first relax , you make it sound like you are going to the middle of no where.

    Colombia is a country with full technology also.the electric connections are same for US, for the tv cable is little expended if you look to get english Chanel's, but you get the same Chanel's in spanish the service is cheap and is called "parabolica", what I believe is you motive for this trip "practice spanish".and by the way the only way to learning spanish is practiced.

    about you car I respond you question all ready in another question, but if you decide to take you car with , is possible you car get stolen , but that is what insurance is for , remember colombia insurance will take off up to 30% of the car value in case of any event.

    About get job, Colombia is not like US , that is why to many people come or look to come to US.

    A waitress is very much the lower paid you can get in a restaurant, you will be looking to get a really nice restaurant to make some money. A full college professional with MBA make around 500-800 US dollars as manager bank , and the lowest employee make the minimal salary in colombia what is around 500.000 colombian pesos what is around 250 USD per month.

    for rent you apartment is depends where you wanna live , colombia is classified for stratos and 1 is the lower and 6 the high,2000 usd will cover in full you apartment , bills and food for you 2 in a estrato 4-5 what is very good in Colombia.

    About college yes you can , and is 2 years , 3 years and 5 years programs for associate ,BA, and MBA,

    Bogota has the newest modern bus system call transmilenio is like kind ride bus in US , just with 10 times people inside at the same time, watch out for pick pockets, no wear nothing with gold or fine jewelry include rings, earrings ear pierces or fancy watches.

    for you electronics you do not need converter but you may pay taxes when you ingress to colombia customs.

    Good luck , Colombia is fun learn to select you friendships, last thing live in apartment with watchman or Front desk , will be better and more safe.

    for bogota look in apartment in cedritos, laguito, chapinero,high levels at laguito,rosales, betwen calle 95 and 72 and carrera 15 and carrera 7, is another areas but you will need car , this areas offerd acces to bus lines in case you not have car.

    last thing take a look to BUCARAMANGA CITY , that will be another really good alternative for you guys live, with good universities and college with recognicion in US.

    Source(s): proud to be Colombian, US resident,frecuent traveler to Colombia.
  • 1 decade ago

    First, leave all flashy stuff at home, cars etc..

    With your money live in the north of the city where the t zone is. Thats a nice neigbourhood. Get a car there. As for jobs it's hard.

    Read travel guides.

    I like Candelaria, it's got plenty of cosy cafes and cheap shopping around the corner.

    Always watch your back! Never carry much cash if you look lika a gringa.

    Most people i know get robbed. Me, im white young female lived in Colombia for a long time. Nothing bad ever happend, but i look poor, maybe thats why. They dont bother.

    I love Bogota, good luck to you!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    on top of all the good info that southhot.. gave you i would recommend that you talk to the people on and

    good luck on your move!

    Edit* I just want to add that even though you don;t want to hear it, it may be better for you to sell your transfer it to bogota will be super expensive and they will tax an penalize you. In Bogota they have a lot of restrictions on driving too liek certain plates can only drive on certain days and on somedays no one can drive only bike or walk.... It is a big city like new york you can get around just fine without a car.....

  • 1 decade ago

    You're crazy moving there is like asking to be murdered and robbed...especially if you drive a nice car.

    Source(s): loca muchachita
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