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What player or players on your favorite team (in your opinion) will one day make the Hall of Fame ?

I.E. *Ravens: Ray Lewis,Matt Birk, Ed Reed, Todd Heap, Derek Mason and (I know this is bias) Joe Flacco, Ray Rice. I know their careers just started and anything could happen, but lets just say for the sake of saying so, their careers were to last 10 or 12 seasons and they continue at their current pace i think they both (Flacco and Rice) would have a pretty good chance.

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    JaMarcus Russell

  • Jaws67
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    1 decade ago

    Aaron Rodgers

    Donald Driver

    Charles Woodson

    Clay Matthews

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    Definitely in:

    - LaDainian Tomlinson

    - Antonio Gates

    - Nate Kaeding

    Maybe in:

    - Vincent Jackson

    - Philip Rivers

    - Mike Scifres (they do take punters, don't they?)

    - Jamal Williams

    - David Binn (longshot - he's the long snapper)

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    Maybe Stephen Jackson, but other then that I don't think the Rams have any future hall of famers on the team at this point. Maybe Laurenaitis if he stays healthy and continues to play as well as he has this year as a rookie he would be headed in the right direction, but its way too early to tell that.

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  • Will
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    1 decade ago

    Patrick Willis has a very good shot. Frank Gore needs to keep it up for several more years, but unfortunately he's starting to look worn out. Andy Lee has been one of the league's top 2 or 3 punters his entire career. Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree are both longshots, but with much of their careers ahead of them.

  • 1 decade ago

    Jason Taylor.

    No doubt one of the greatest defensive players to ever put on the orange and teal. For most of the decade he led the Dolphins defense, even in tough times. He's got the tenth most sacks in NFL history. 2006 All Pro, five Pro Bowls, 2006 Defensive Player of the Year...I believe he has a fair shot of earning a place in Canton.

  • 1 decade ago

    Josh Cribbs

    Joe Thomas

    Shaun Rogers

  • Peter
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    1 decade ago

    Carson Palmer has been a phenomenal quarterback despite the Bengals lack of an offensive line. He could play as well or better than Tom Brady or maybe even Peyton Manning with their o-lines.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Patrick Willis will be a HOF if he continues to play the way he has through 3 seasons.

    Frank Gore has potential, but he needs to do what he did in 2006.

    Jerry Rice looks to be inducted soon.

    Thumbs up to those who agree.

  • 1 decade ago

    The Giants, no current player deserves to go to the hall of fame or even the pro bowl. Micheal Strahan will go to the hall of fame.

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