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Do you love or hate Tokio Hotel?

I love them as do most of my friends, but a lot of people I know hate them. No one seems to just like them or dislike them. So do you love Tokio Hotel or hate them?

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    Why isn't there an option for indifference??!

    Because that's what I'm currently feeling.

  • mcgrew
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    i like Tokio lodge! they do no longer seem to be like the Jonas Brothers! Has all people that asserts that even regarded at Tokio lodge? Do they appear as if the Jonas Brothers? NO. Has all people that asserts that ever heard their music? Does it sound like the Jonas Brothers? (perchance most of the songs do each now and then, yet hear to the lyrics!) NO. perchance it is not your type of music, yet Tokio lodge's lyrics fairly mean some thing! no longer basically like the Jonas Brothers' lyrics that usually appear as if they're the coolest comparable in all of their songs. Jonas Brothers & Tokio lodge. 2 completely thoroughly opposite bands. EDIT - nicely, i think which you individuals that analyze Tokio lodge to the Jonas Brothers fairly have not heard Tokio lodge's music have you ever? considering the fact which you think of they scream! they do no longer scream only because of the fact they have a music & an album observed as "Scream". & if human beings like Screamo music, then it fairly is their decision of music. genuine music to you is music that different individuals hate. undergo in recommendations that next time you tell somebody to go hear to genuine music. Oh, yeah... appears like there is greater followers than haters!

  • i absolutely love Tokio Hotel!

    they r like the awesomest band ever!

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    I don't think of them, which is probably healthier for music than loving OR hating Tokio Hotel.

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    I absolutely love them, they are my favorite band!!

    My favorite song from this is still "Monsoon" but I love all their other songs too! like "Automatic"

    Bill Kaulitz is my favorite lead singer from a band & my favorite member from TH.

    Tokio Hotel's "Scream" is my favorite album that I have in my cds collection

    TH is awesome!!!

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    I like them, I've been a fan since 2007.

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    I hate tokio hotel i don't inderstand why anybody would listen to that crap

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    I'm Sorry But They're Not A Good Band At All.

  • I LOVE them!!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Haven't heard them. Haven't made any attempts to. I have no opinion on them; they just are.

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