Boston Acoustics 200W (RMS) Floor Standing Speaker Mfr. model # HS450MDNT?

Im looking into buying these speaker as part of my surround sound system. I have read some reviews, but I want to know if these are better "music" or "movie" speakers... It will be running from an older 5.1 sony receiver til i decide i can upgrade that. thanks!

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  • Lance
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    They were designed for both and sound good with both but you will definitely need a sub woofer for movies because the bass is very week....Also they take a while to break in (If new) and do not sound that good out of the box but will loosen up and mellow out over time (including the bass)...My experience is that speakers that sound really good with music will also sound good with movies but not necessarily the other way around...A better receiver will also make them sound better because they are reveling of the components they are attached to.

    Source(s): I own these speakers.
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