Does anyone else think the boy who plays Dia from the movie Blood Diamond is pretty attractive?

Do you remember the movie Blood diamond with Leonardo DiCaprio and Dijimon Hounsou? And how Dijimon was playing the fisherman (Solomon) who had to rescue his son Dia from the refugees?

Do you know what exactly is the name of the boy who plays Dia? Where he lives, how old he is and what he's doing now in life?

I remember watching this movie about 4 years ago when it first came out and i was 19 then ( i'm 23 now so i wouldn't remember clearly) but i've always thought the boy who plays dia is kind of attractive. The only thing that made me think that way was he had a very petite and feminime body compared to most boys from africa and i didn't even think he was ugly like most people thought when they watched that movie. I don't like him in homosexual way or anything but i just thought he did a good job playing that character in the movie, and i'm just curious and wanting to know if he has been in any other movies.

I know he is from South Africa and lives in Johannesburg but that is the most I know about him, and that he was about 13 or 14 during the filming of the movie, but i don't know his name. I'm wondering though if anyone can tell me his name and what he is doing in South Africa now. I'm from the UK, so I wouldn't know much from way over here. He's kind of cute for a boy to play a part in Blood Diamond. Heh..... (I know i would 'hit' that if i had the chance).....................Okay not really. :/ I just want to know a little more about this kid, because he had one of the main roles in the movie, but he rarely did talk.

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    What? Are you planning to track this little boy down and rape him or something?

    I don't care how old he is now, but back then he was just a child and you're a 23 year old grown MAN and thinking sexually about a 13 or 14 year old CHILD is wrong. Yeah he's little kid cute, but if you're thinking he's sexy or some crap like that, then that's not okay. And what you just said DOES sound like a homosexual to me.

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    His name is Kagiso Kuypers. He was born on October 9, 1991 so he's 18. He studied dance and drama at the National School of Art in Johannesburg, South Africa. Now back in school, Kuypers hopes to further his acting career, while also continuing to study dance. For more information, go to

    Hope this helps!

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