if you connect to a unsecure wireless network, can the network provider know you are using his internet?

i am in a neighborhood where i can pick up networks on my laptop, the signals are very weak so its the nearby houses that are transmitting them,

can the network provider know that i am online or anything


im in florida, if it makes any difference...

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    If you connect to a network any person who has access to the routers login credentials will know who is logged in.

    Anybody on the network with the know-how can find out too.


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    A way to get around them know your IP/ MAC is to first find out the IP they are using and use an IP on the higher side the the segment range. This way there's less of a chance of having/ causing an IP conflict. I assume that since the connection is unsecure that this person hasn't chanced the default password either and logging and is turned off.

    This is all fine and everything but I read/ saw a few months or so ago a person that did this and was charge for larceny and other computer crimes. Even though the person that left the router unsecure is not the smartest person out there that gives no one the right to "STEAL".

    Just some FYI

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    Yes. Not only by router software, but by 3rd party software. They can only see your computer name though. They can not know exactly who you are and where you are coming from. Well, they could sort of know where you are, but HIGHLY doubtful they will even know how what programs to install or have devices that would allow them to see.

    You can see everyone connected to the router. But, having an unsecured router really allows anyone to connect. My advise, change your laptop name so it can not be pointed back at you. Change it to something like Grim or something. Then, continue using it until you either get kicked because they change to a secured, or they lose internet connection.

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    Yes, they can know - like others say.

    However, you should be more concerned that one of those "free" connections is monitoring everything you do, and are capturing your user ids and passwords for every site you log into. Heaven help you if you did any online credit card purchases or banking....

    It is NEVER safe to use an unknown unsecure wireless signal - you just don't know who is listening....

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    Typically, if there is no encryption on the router, then the person does not have the computer know how to know who is on their router.

    Now, on the other hand, if you are downloading mp3s and videos ilegally, and they get a letter from their ISP, the ISP will have the MAC address of your machine. However, Ive been doing this to my neighbor's router for the past year and all is well.

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    The network administrator (router owner) may notice your connection to the network.


    Users may notice the network working slower.


    Unauthorized network users have been convicted of larceny (theft of services).

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