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Why do most UNION ran companies end up being a failure and we the Americans bail them out?


If Walmart was in trouble financially- this administration would NEVER bail them out! Unless they agreed to become a Union! How backwards is this? Unions are greedy and destroy entire cities! Because of the liberal policy!

Our tax dollars should have NOTHING to do with bailing out a loser business! That destroyed itself!

Update 2:

If my lemonade stand ran out of lemonade- would my neighbors buy the lemonade? NO! How selfish is this administration? OMG! They are destroying our Country!

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    All American Clothing

    Justice Clothing Company

    No Sweat Apparel

    The Union Shop

    Powell's Bookstore

    Yamaha musical instruments

    Kohler plumbing fixtures

    United Metal Fabricators, Inc.

    Sawicki & Son sports apparel

    Northland Corp Office furniture

    Mele Corp. plastics

    Marvel Office Furniture

    Jansco, Inc.

    Cincy Safe Co.

    Carhartt clothiing

    King Louie clothing

    Atlanta Ballet

    Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra

    California Symphony

    Clearchannel Entertainment

    Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

    Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra

    New York Philharmonic

    Disney on Ice Corp.

    American Income Life Insurance Company

    Seagram's America

    Hershey Chocolate USA

    Snyder's of Berlin

    Russell Stover Candy

    Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp.

    Clauss Cutlery

    Enderes Tool Co.

    Cutco Cutlery

    All-Clad Metal Corp.

    Dow Chemical

    Electrolux Home Products

    GE Appliances

    BIC Corp.

    Anchor Hocking Glass Co.


    Sealy Mattress

    White Westinghouse Electric Co.

    Lawn Boy

    Ronson Corp.

    Toro Co.

    Harley Davidson Mfg. Corp.

    Sanyo Corp.

    Greyhound Bus Co.

    Colt Firearms

    Libbey Glass

    Radio Flyer Wagons

    Flamingo Casino

    Air Midwest Inc.

    Air Wisconsin

    Aloha Airlines




    American Trans Airlines (ATA)

    Atlantic Coast Airlines


    Bellagio Hotel and Casino

    Big Sky Airlines

    Ceasar's Palace Hotel and Casino

    Castaways Casino

    Continental Airlines

    Circus Circus Casino

    Diamond Resorts

    El Cortez Casino

    El Dorado

    Excalibur Casino

    Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

    Fitzgerald's Casino

    Global Hyatt Corp

    Hilton Hotels Corp

    Host Marriott

    Luxor Hotel and Casino

    Southwest Airlines

    Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC

    United Airlines

    US Airways

    Westin/Starwood Hotels

    And HUNDREDS MORE are all UNION companies.


    How many of these do you use every day?

    And how many have taken bailouts from the government?

    Next time, know what you're talking about before you shoot off your mouth.

    You should thank every union member you know every day of your life for the good life that you lead.

    You wouldn't have it without them.

    Read this, if you dare.





    Do you get paid by the hour or do you get a flat fee for each lie that you spread?

    Are you paid by focksnooze or by the Republican National Committee?

    Do you get paid overtime for working tonight or are you on the walmart plan?

    You have destroyed every bit of your credibility, your integrity, and your honor by your actions here today.

    You will never be one of them.

    They laugh at you behind your back.

    It's a shame that your parents didn't care enough about you to teach you to be an honest person.

    Shame on you.

    It must be awful to spend your entire life cowering in fear of the whole world.

    Your childhood must have been horrible.

    You are pitiful.

    Thanks, by the way.

    I've been meaning to do this.

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    I work as the security supervisor for an automotive industiral site. I've seen how the Company and Union relationship works. Those that work together often do very well. Right now the UAW President at this location works well with Company Management. There is compromise coming from both direction and each side, for the most part, is satisfied with the outcome of surfacing issues.

    However, sites that tend not to do well are Companies like GE and GM who don't like to compromise with the Unions. In response, the Unions don't like to compromise with them. There's a lot of bad blood between the Unions and companies like these. Neither side compromises. The result is jobs get sent overseas so the Company can do things the way they want without Union intervention (not the whole reason, but part).

    The Union District boss for this areas is a real pain the rear. But the President here is very easy to work with. He's tried to push the Union President into doing things that aren't necessary to stir up. On several occassion I've reminded the Union Boss that if he doesn't follow access control procedures (signing in and getting an ID Badge) that I don't have to allow him into the facility. He thinks he's above Company Policy. That doesn't jive with me, at all. I don't care who he is. It's people like him that cause division. I'm here to protect the Company and its assets, not the Union. The Union doesn't pay my salary or anyone elses.

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    First off, back up your ranting about unions being greedy and destroying entire cities. I've been in two unions my entire life, I know how they work, I have negotiated contracts. Your uninformed bias is showing. I guess a $2.00 an hour pay and a 12 hour work day with no benefits would be fine for you and your kids.

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    Funny how unions were exempt from the "gold" policies taxation. Only the evil rich (over $70,000 a year) that have good health insurance plans will be taxed, the unions get a pass. Welcome to Obama's payback II, The UAW and GM bailouts was payback I.

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    The unions had their time and place.

    Today they are generally self-serving and short sighted. I've talked to people who know GM workers. $90k a year for a guy to check for leaks on a car coming off the line. No accountability for build quality. And it's no wonder GM is in the tank.

    FWIW, the banks are not unionized. They did themselves in.

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    Look at the paper industry in the US... bloated unions all but destroyed it.. and the last mills in the US are on life support..

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    I don't recall any union control over the banks and investment companies we've been bailing out.

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    1. Unions don't run companies.

    2. Show me proof that *most* unionized companies get bailed out.

    3. Remember when we bailed out all those Wall Street investment firms? Are you sure those companies are unionized?

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    Because unions are extortionist

    Source(s): 18 years union member
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