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Connecting to xbox live using network bridge and getting NAT moderate. Xbox wireless adapter the solution?

i connect to the internet from the wireless network of a school across the street from my house. The connection is very good and its pretty fast. I can connect to it with my ps3 very easily and play games with no problems. my issue is when i try to connect to xbox live. i don't want to spend the money to buy a wireless adapter but it might be my only choice. i currently bridge my connection through my laptop with vista and then plug my xbox into the laptop via ethernet cable. i can usually sign in but after a few minutes of gaming the connection cuts out. its not very dependable. it happens every time no matter what. when i test my xbox connection it says NAT moderate usually. Can i fix this by getting an actual wireless adapter for my xbox. my ps3 works fine so wouldn't my xbox be the same if i got the adapter. Please help. thanks

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    Well you're definitely going to have to buy something in order to fix this problem. You can buy the 360 wireless adapter, but a simpler way is to actually go with powerline. Check this out:

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    i think u hav to change the NAT to open or the routers to hav no firewall or sumhing to do with UPnP , im sorry i cant help ive the same problem i always cut of xbl after like 5 to 15 mins is sooo frustrating

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