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It's been almost a year since I left my husband. There is no doubt from anyone, including myself, that I did the right thing by leaving him. I was never going to have anything with a drug addict. But why do I still miss him? I'm finally getting back into the whole dating thing. I'm seeing an old boyfriend, who I still care alot about. Yet, somehow I still feel like I'm cheating on my husband. Anyone got any insight?

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    Pity for the drug addict---HIS CHOICES--HIS LIFE--HIS LOSS---but he probably puts drugs before you and most everything else. Miss him?? Yeah--its a shame it had to go bad--but I wouldn't miss him for very long. Close one door before you open another. Don't date until you are over this guy completely. It will ruin the NEW chances at happiness--especially if you told me or another guy you miss the ex. I would say"Oh yeah--well beat it until you growup and get your head straight" I would not waste time with a person still attached to an ex. YOU have to decide when YOU are finished with him. Sorry for the entire disappointing thing--but it is up to you to MOVE ON. Cheating on an ex??? You better rethink that attitude. CLOSE THAT DOOR BEFORE YOU OPEN ANOTHER---its way too much on the human emotions. Good luck to you.

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    Its different for everyone. You will have to pull up your socks and go on with your life. It seems you were married for a very long time and that is why you miss your Ex-Husband. Thing is that you are missing the familiar surrounding and not the person exactlty.

    Don't worry things will change, just wait for the right time.

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    Its hard, and different for everyone. I have been divorced for years. It takes time. It might help to look up the psychological grieving process. The steps. It will help explain what you're feeling and show its normal. *hugs*

    And remember, you did love him enough to marry him. It will take time.

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    Relationships are emotional & they take time to decompress, beginning from the time of separation. BTW, was he actually a drug addict or light drug taker & still responsible?

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    it depends on for what reason you left him . . . if its because he was abusing or harassing or something rude , think about all the bad things he did to you . . . he was genuine and there is no big reason . . . you are still in love with him its good to consider a reconciliation . . .

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