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    我很高興藉此機會來介紹我自己. 我的英文名子叫Joanna,今年18歲,生肖屬羊,星座是個固執的金牛座,是個大學生資訊管理系,目前半工半讀,在工廠從事作業員的工作,家中有個把我當寶的爸爸,賢慧的媽媽,由於在家中排行老么深受兩個姊姊的疼愛。



    I am glad to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Joanna.

    I am at the age of 18, so my animal sign is sheep. Since my horoscope is

    Taurus, I am a little stubborn. Now I am a college student and major in Computer

    Information Management, having a part-time job and working as an operator in a factory.

    There are five people in my family. My father always treats me as his treasure.

    My mother is virtuous and intelligent. Being the youngest child in the family,

    I always get fondness from my two older sisters.

    My personality is active and broad-minded. Being fond of making friends and

    getting along well with many people make me popular a lot. I would like to learn

    Japanese well because studying abroad in Japan is my dream.

    In the future, I would like to work as an office worker, then I would not suffer

    hardship. Therefore, I have to study very hard to achieve success.


    Source(s): 愛寫作的英語教師
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