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Can Shawn Michaels and Undertaker part 2 top last year's Wrestlemania match?

it looks as though we will see undertaker v shawn michaels 2 at wrestlemania 26. its not etched in stone but if it does happen, can wrestlemania 25's michaels/taker match be topped by the same match?

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    About Taker vs HBK at WM 26, personally I don’t want to happen because it would be boring to see Taker adds the same name twice in a row.

    This match shouldn’t happen or at least not this year. Who wants to see Undertaker beat Shawn Michaels again at Wrestlemania? The only way this match should ever happen is if they have a different outcome. How can you call Shawn Michaels “Mr. Wrestlemania” anymore if he loses to Undertaker back to back at Wrestlemania? They are both better off wrestling different opponents this year. I want to see Undertaker vs. John Cena like the rumors have said over the last few months. As for HBK I want him to wrestle HHH in a face vs. face match up for the WWE title.

    There have been rumors this year that Shawn wanted to retire at this year’s Wrestlemania, but JR said on his blog said that Shawn was looking to wrestle a few more years. Why wouldn’t he? He works a limited schedule, doesn’t go to house shows, and there has been talks that he will be taking another 4-month break after Wrestlemania this year.

    As for retirement matches, I don’t think the WWE should be doing these angles anymore unless the wrestler really wants to hang it up for good. Look at some of the past retirement matches.

    1. Macho Man vs. The Ultimate Warrior – Savage lost and went on to wrestle for another 8 years after he lost his career.

    2. Triple H vs. Mic Foley – Mic Foley took time off but is still wrestling today in TNA.

    3. Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair – Ric Flair just wrestled in Australia and might be going to TNA with Hogan.

    4. CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy – I bet in a year or two when Jeff Hardy has his life together he will be back in wrestling.

    As for Undertaker and Shawn Michaels when they’re ready to hang it up for good it should be a huge celebration. Not just an angle that is picked up three months before Wrestlemania. Also it should not be until they want to hang it up for good, because who wants to see one of them retire just to come back a year later somewhere else.

    With the recent ramblings of HBK on monday’s RAW broadcast there is a strong possibility that there will be a rematch of the Wrestlemania 25 classic.

    The question I have is simple, “Do you even want to see the rematch to begin with?

    Personally, I do not. Not at all. The first one was so epic, such a monumental moment in the history of professional wrestling and in the respective performer’s careers. It was perfect and had everyone, die-hards and casuals alike going into a frenzy – sitting on the edge of their seats. It was magical.

    I think a rematch will accomplish nothing and just end up watering down the previous effort. Because we all know how it works in the WWE, there is always a third installment to “settle it once and for all”. I believe having a rematch will be just as big of a mistake if Ric Flair were to return to the ring


    The WWE doesn’t have the balls to run the same main attraction at WrestleMania two years in a row, no matter the performers, and rightfully so. I’m turned off by the notion of Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels again at WrestleMania because:

    1) The match will attempt to match up with last year’s effort, and fail miserably. Like Hogan vs Andre at WM 3, and then a year later they had a rematch at WM 4 and that match s*cked balls big time.

    2) Or they will try to put some shitty stipulation on the match, and have some emotional theme running over the match, and we’re going to have enough of that the next time Triple H and Michaels fight.

    There were certain elements in their WM match last year, that just can’t be recreated. For example Taker almost breaking his neck and getting back in the ring at 9-3/4 can’t be played out again. Also how about Shawn kicking out of a Tombstone again this year, people will expect it, so it will not be exciting, and if Shawn does, people will not be shocked even the slightest bit in my opinion.

    Enough is enough because at Wrestlemania 26 is going to be all about Cena vs. Undertaker. Or that’s how it should be.

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    As soon as Shawn threw out the challenge, I sighed. Why try to outdo what's already been a classic? Seems like WWE are worried they won't have enough talent for the next WM. The thing between HBK and Taker should be left as it is, a classic one off. By having HBK run after Taker again they're making it look like HBK wants to prove a point (pointless if you ask me) that he can beat Taker and take his streak.

    The original can't be topped and shouldn't even be attempted to be topped.

    Typical WWE

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    i hope it does not happen because i do not take they can out top last year wrestlemania

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    I don`t think so, that match was a classic.

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    nobody don't wanna see a rematch of last year epic match they should make sheamus challenge taker at wm26.

  • it wont happen

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