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did the JJ Abrams Star Trek movies kill The Next Generation series?

I'm no expert at this Trek stuff so I was wondering if the new movies, with all it's time traveling stuff, mess with the continuity of the TNG series.

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    I would say no. The time line will continue on normally here are the only things that have changed because of Nero's time travelling.

    1. U.S.S Kelvin and 7 other Federation Starships were lost to Nero's "simple" mining ship.

    2. The planet Vulcan was destroyed

    3. The Klingons lost 47 starships to Nero but that doesnt necessarily mean all of them were the famous D-7 attack cruisers. some were probably smaller non combat ships or birds of prey.

    4. Spock from the future will now "lead" the remaining Vulcans to a new home planet where they will start reproducing more often to get off the endangered species list

    what damage will future spock do? who knows...but aside from that it should remain the same the Klingon Empire, the Federation and Starfleet and even the Romulan Empire will continue on normally. So that means the Next Generation series should be ok. If you are asking whether they will make any more TNG movies the answer if NO. after First Contact the movies were really bad. Paramount didnt want Star Trek to completely die off from loss of interest by the average movie-goers so they spiced it up a bit going back to James Kirk. If you saw Star Trek Nemesis you remember that they "killed" DATA!! That was a shock and very bad idea whoever decided to do that. You cant kill favorite characters and expect to have a well received movie that people like. So it was time to end it.

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    technically, yes. TOS, TNG, DS9 and Voyager won't exist in the new Star Trek continuity.

    but Nero has a line in the movie that addresses this very question:

    "It happened! I watched it happen! I saw it happen! Don't tell me it didn't happen!"

    i seriously think they put that line in there on purpose. did you watch TNG? then TNG happened. =)

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    I'm no expert by any means either but I don't see why the TNG couldn't happen still in another time line, different, but happen still. Yes they are ageing. I'd like Data to be back to life again that's one reason at least for me.

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    It just creates another arm on the star trek tree

    although it doesn't look good for another T.N.G. movie.

    Out with the old in with the new flashy booms and action

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