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Why dose one of my cats play and the other is fat and lazy?

I have two cats. One is Big fat and snuggley while the other is little full of energy and currently eating a bug. When they were both kittens they were the exact opposite. Abbi -the female one eating a bug- was little she would play when she wanted but other than that she would lay down and hide. Sylvester -fat male- would always be in your face but now I never see him. Abbi is an indoor cat and Sylvester is an in and outdoor cat. Why did they switch rolls???

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    cats are a mysterious kind of folk

    -william jay scott

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    The chubbby one may need a smidge less catfood per serving. Yes cats have different personalities. Maybe they got in a fight that you didnt witness and there was a change in the kitty ruling order.

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    animals have personalities, like people. I have one dog that's always active, and my other dog loves to eat and sleep.

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    Same way we have energetic people and lazy people.

    What I don't get though is my cat is lazy and he is skinny!?!? 0_0

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