how can some one die of natural causes at 28?

how the hell can some one die at the age of 28 from natural cause? sorry if thats a dumb question.

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    Who died? A young person's death is always a shock and sorrow for those close to them.

    No dumb questions, remember?

    People can die of natural causes at any age. Babies (even fetuses - miscarriages) die of natural causes, children die of natural causes, teenagers die of natural causes. Athletes die of natural causes. People die at all decades of life of natural causes.

    How? Natural causes refers to a lot of things - a lot of times - congenital (from birth) deformities or malformations that are not obvious (heart defects, brain aneurysms, strokes (yes, children can even get strokes), AV malformations, inborn errors of metabolism, a gene gets stuck in the wrong name it.

    There are so many steps that take place when a person is formed in the womb (with the genes, cell division and so forth), it amazes me that so many people actually turn out fairly healthy...(although many people who appear healthy have some sort of health problem they keep to themselves that you may find out about if you get to know them well enough).

    The real question is how are you going to deal with the loss of someone so young that you cared about. There are the "5 stages of grief" a person usually goes through. The first is usually denial. You can learn more about these stages at the website below.

    I am sorry for your loss. Life is a gamble every day. Many people do not know how fortunate they are to have good health - they take it for granted.

    Source(s): Read enough obituitaries.
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  • 1 decade ago

    things just happen. thts a good question..

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  • 1 decade ago

    diabetes......lung cancer......cancer........diseases....viruses.....

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