Lg Chocolate touch screen colaboration?

Ok so i just got the LG chocolate touch by verizon for christmas. I have never had a touch screen phone before so i was just wondering what touch screen colaberation was. I have been testing the colaberation but i don't know what it means!! If you can answer this please do because it is worth 10 points for a real true answer. Thank you :D

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need to run the calibration mode to adjust the touch screen to your fingers footprint as each person will 'touch' the screen differently. In the way the phone 'knows' how big of a spot on the screen to expect input when your finger touches the screen. You will not see anything significant in terms of a visible difference unless your phone was out of alignment to begin with and this fixes it.

    Here is most I could find on VZW's site, not your phone ofcourse but still relevant.

    BTW; I have the Chocolate touch too, nice phone.

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