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Republicans, show me some hard evidence that this year is record cold?

I want a link or something, and not just to some random blog please.

I DONT JUST WANT YOUR WORDS! Thats all I ever get.

Heres one of my sources for it.

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    There is no global warming...give it up. Where I sit now a glacier used to be here....that is why we have such a beautiful deep well for our water!

    NOw...what happened...was it global warming? NO was nature. OR maybe those darned cave men did fart and belch a lot while fighting off dinosaurs and after inventing the wheel and fire...started the carbon footprinting.

    Gosh....SHAME ON THEM for melting my glacier!

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    "I DONT JUST WANT YOUR WORDS! Thats all I ever get. "

    I'm not sure you fully understand how Yahoo Answers works. You ask a question (presumably using words) and we answer (presumably using words).

    Your source cites a record high as of 1850. We didn't start measuring the global temperature until the '70's. Before that we had to guess at the data. Most of that data has been discredited in the climate gate scandal. So to sum it up we have about 40 years of data that we can rely on. That doesn't mean anything. I can take the temperature out side my window and use it to back up my premises and that's just as viable as anything our global warming "experts" have.

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    Too bad you only asked for answers from Republicans. I am a Libertarian, and I know of a very reliable source which shows that the vast majority of the country had lower than normal to record low average temperatures.

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    Want my heating bill for the last 2 years? That way you can compare the gallons of oil used by the day if you wish and will not have to depend on agenda driven data.

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    Snoop, as you well know by now, the WMO is a biased organization closely tied to the United Nations IPCC.

    Likewise, you will not enjoy articles information published by Dr. Roy Spencer.

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    1 decade ago

    How about 4 of them?

    Glad I could help.

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    Even if it were record cold temps, doesn't mean anything. So many people think that global warming or climate change means that the temperatures are only supposed to rise, but that's not true. Melting glaciers affect the temperature and salinity of the ocean, which affects currents and can colder winters.

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    Okay. Go to Yahoo and click the Weather button. Then scan the entire US for the next 2 weeks.

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    Democrats, show me some hard evidence (not with some screwed up computer model) that proves that the earth is warming up. OK, now prove that man is causing it. OK, now prove that increases in CO2 will be disastrous for the inhabitants of the earth.

    Ha, had you at numero uno, didn't I?

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    Is NASA good enough or do ignore them because they do NOT fudge or distort facts about their results to fit the Liberal agenda of lies ....

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