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? asked in Computers & InternetHardwareDesktops · 1 decade ago

Do People usually have problems with Asus Motherboards?

I bought a asus m3n78-Vm motherboard along with amd duel core 6000+ and corsair 4 gig duel channel 800 mhz memory and It wont stay on for more then 3 seconds. Im not asking for suggestions on what problems I could have because theres to many. But i have narrowed it down to either the motherboard itself or the processor.

Anyways my question is, are asus motherboards usually problematic? How often do you guys run into problems with them. Are they reliable. Will they last over 5 years

Also if anyone has been to a computer show do you know if they do diagnosing for computers for free. Not including entrance fee. Please and thanks


OK first of all I didnt need help from you guys in diagnosing the problem. I have already tryd everything. I have tryd 3 good working psus. I have tryd every ram installation possible. I called asus themselves and said its probably falty.

I may however screwed with the cpu by touching the thermal grease. But Many have said it will only affect it in the long run.

Anyways I ask if asus is unreliable because my uncle who has had much more experience then me in computer has had much problems with asus.

Its good to know once this whole mess with this is solved that I will have this motherboard for awhile. I look forward to the awsome gaming Im gonna do. Sadly most of it will be on the onboard graphics. Which im sure will shorten the life of the motherboard.

Update 2:

Well I tryd everything. I thought it was grounding issue but I trying bench testing it as well. Made sure all plugs are right. I double, and triple checked.

Its either the motherboard or something I may have done while installing the cpu. I like the deal I got on these products though. I did have to get an after market fan. Because the cpu was 60 bucks. Maybe I should Have invested 30 more into the stock cpu and fan. Instead of 10 for the fan. lol Oh yeah got the motherboard for 75 and memory was 85. Yeah that was expensive.

Im hoping its not the motherboard because I purchased it from amazon and i dont feel like exchanging it. But if I do And it doesnt fix the problem then I will know something is wrong with the processor.

Update 3:

The thermal paste was pre applied. I did not add nor remove any. the heatsink I purchased was cheap though. 10 bucks. Maybe it just sucks.

Update 4:

I have already look at that. That would be the grounding problem I mentioned earlier which I thought it was. Its not

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    i know you didn't want suggestions, but did you apply thermal paste or enough thermal paste between the processor and the heat sink? 3 seconds is about all the time needed before a processor overheats and shuts the system down

    no, i don't believe you would get any free diagnostics at a computer show unless you won it as a door prize, the exhibitors pay a fee for their space to be able to advertise or sell goods and services not give them away

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    Asus is one of the best, I only buy Asus and Gigabyte...I never ever had a bad processor out of the hundreds i've installed... that's a nice little board...You must have some thing connected wrong or not placed properly. Even the CPU fan not plugged in can cause that problem. do you get any beeps before it shuts down?..A bad PSU can cause that problem too. Since you don't need suggestions on what could be wrong and are so sure its the mother board or CPU I would send the mother board back if you are still under the return period.

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    No, it is one of the most reliable companies, and claims the largest market share of motherboards. Rarely problematic, and if at all, it is typically from user abuse. That said, I've seen faulty Asus MB's. As for your issue, I am betting either you did not install it properly, or you have a bad power supply. Unless the Asus is damaged, as previously mentioned, or the AMD CPU is a faulty (unlikely, as the X2 has had a reliable run)....

    Yes, they will last more than 5 years. But while some diagnose computers for free, none will fix them for free. Micro center usually does a decent job.

    Source(s): Years of technical experience.
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    Asus mobo's are great, i have one myself. They arent "problematic" either it's just you not reading the supported hardware correctly. What you can try is remove all of your ram expect for 1 stick doesnt matter which one and try booting again. If not make sure all the power cables are connected and your power supply is running. If those don't work here a list of supported cpu models for your

    Phenom FX / Phenom / Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 X2

  • Chad
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    1 decade ago

    Never really had any issues with Asus boards or MSI boards.

    Your issue is Power not the board...

    You didn't mention what power supply your using.

    If it was the board it would not power on.. If it was the processor it would power on but wouldn't post.

    Unless you have your is showing Exploded caps.

  • 1 decade ago

    Did you use the standoffs used to distance the back of the motherboard with the case?

    Sounds like its touching and shorting out against the case.

  • 1 decade ago

    No, asus motherboards are usually really good. You might just have a defective one.

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