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What car should I get Scion tc TRD or Honda civic SI?

I am looking at both the 2009 scion tc TRD and The new Honda civic si. I know the civic beats the tc in horse power but after all the TRD upgrades how much horse power does it have? The civic and tc TRD cost about the same. Which car has better reliability and is faster?

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    th TRD parts on the tC dont do much actually, if im not mistaken the only power adder on the TRD tC is th sport muffler, which at best, gets 5whp, which isnt much. but it does have the TRD lowering springs, front strut tie br, and rear roll bar, so it'll have similar or better handlng then the Si. but id say both cars on on par with eachother considering a race between the tC and Si is a drivers race. fastest 1/4 mile time for the tC has been 15 sec even, which is fast considering the power and heavy weight of the tC. and ive seen Si's do similar runs. so it depends on what you really want. tC can be turboed easier with its lower compression ratio, Si has a better supercharger option for it. though at the moment the tC has a larger aftermarket side than the Si now, tC has multiple engine builds, turbo kits, clutch/flywheels, twin disc clutches, electronics.. it goes on for the tC. but both are nice cars and if i coule i would own both, tC for turboing and Si for all motor performance. so its your prefrence. tC has higher reliability right now since the Si has tranmission pop, which messes up your transmission, though this is if you are running it hard, there is a fix for it but it cost money. Scion is rated number 1 reliability and best made car by Comsumer Report and Associated Press.

    Source(s): 05 Scion tC owner.
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    ^^^ The Si has run mid to high 14's completely stock. All depends on the driver.

    I would go with the Si it has a huge catalogue of aftermarket parts.

    You can turbo it = There are a bunch of Si with 400whp+ with stock internals. The most recent one that I know has 460whp+ stock internals and runs low 11's. Check the thread on 8thcivic forum.

    You can go the n/a route and have a fast car too. There is also a lot of mid 13's Si and in the following weeks make sure to check the civic forums for a 12's one.

    Source(s): I own one.
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