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What was the worst German concentration camp? Was it Bergen Belsen?


I need specific reasons and details.

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    There were many different kinds of camps that the Nazis used and they are divided up into three different types:

    1) Transit Camps---were like internment camps where the people stayed for awhile and worked until they were deported to a Concentration camp or a Death camp. These were a little bit better than Concentration and Death camps.

    Some examples of Transit Camps:

    Vittel transit camp (in France)

    Westerbork transit camp (in Holland)

    Bolzan Transit camp (in Italy)

    2) Concentration/labor Camps----were like work/slave labor camps where the people would work in abysmal conditions with little to no food.

    Some concentration Camps:

    Bergen-Belsen (In Germany)

    Sachsenhausen (In Germany)

    Dachau (In Germany)

    Buchenwald (In Germany)

    3) Death Camps---- And death camps were used primarily as killing factories where a very limited number of people may be selected for work while the majority was sent to gass chambers.

    Some notable Death Camps:

    Auschwitz-Birkenau (In Poland)-- 1.1 to 1.6 million people died or were killed here.

    Belzec (In Poland)

    Chelmno (In Poland)

    Sobibor (In Poland)

    Treblinka (In Poland)

    The truth is all the camps were pretty hellish but the worst ones where the Death and concentration camps in particular.

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    Here are some that compare to Auschwitz Treblinka Jasenovac Sajmiste Maidanek

    the reason Auschwitz is so Famous is that it had the Help of an IBM computer to calculate How many slaves were require to produce Oil Fuel and Rubber from the plans Given to the NAZIS by Standard OIL of the USA in 1940 this IBM machine made Auschwitz the Most Efficient Killing and Disposal machine in the Third Reich

    Jasenovac Sajmiste were used By Croatia to ethnic cleans the Serbs and was used as staging post for Jews sent to Auschwitz

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    I think it was Auschwitz, it killed 1.1 million people.

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