i have a trendnet TEW-647GA and a 2wire wireless router and a xbox 360. how would i connect to xbox live?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If your xbox is in the same room as the router, just buy an ethernet cable to plug it in. You can still go around the perimeter of the room if they are on opposite sites so nobody walks over the cable.

    If the xbox is in a different room than where the router is, here are 2 options:

    Buy the xbox 360 wireless adapter. I don't like this option for a number of reasons. The performance hype about wireless is pretty much gone now as wireless G mimo and N are extremely fast and interference can be avoiced by simply changing your wireless channel, and security can be implemented by putting in a WPA2 passphrase, but very few people know how to do all that.

    I personally like the powerline method. Check this out: http://images.bestbuy.com/BestBuy_US/en_US/images/...


    I use this to connect my desktop. It's plug and play. I tried this on my cousin's xbox. It's plug and play. There's no setup with software although there is a CD to setup advanced features which you really don't need.

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    4 years ago

    The another option is to connect the console to a Windows-based laptop or computer via ethernet cable in order to use the computer's wireless Internet connection. This is often the cheapest method because many people already own a home computer or laptop.

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