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Patrick asked in SportsBaseball · 1 decade ago

My dream to play baseball?

I am currently a freshman at MIT. My dream was always to go to MIT and then go on to play Major League baseball. But, MIT only competes in D-3 baseball. If I do good enough, will I still be able to go to the MLB.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It's going to be hard for you, but here are the players who played D-3 and went to the MLB.


    Paul Miller, Carthage

    Larry Biittner, Buena Vista

    Dan Monzon, Buena Vista

    Bill Sampen, MacMurray

    Mike Rowland, Millikin

    Bake McBride, Westminster


    Jeff Rineer, Franklin and Marshall

    Tom Dettore, Juniata

    Keith Glauber, Montclair State

    Jay Aldrich, Montclair State

    Paul Mirabella, Montclair State

    Frank Eufemia, Ramapo

    Jeff Datz, [Rowan]

    Rick Lancellotti, [Rowan]

    Kevin Gryboski, Wilkes

    Dan Pasqua, William Paterson


    Josh Sharpless, Allegheny

    Terry Mulholland, Marietta

    Duane Theiss, Marietta

    Kent Tekulve, Marietta

    Vern Ruhle, Olivet

    Mike Overy, Olivet

    Jim McKee, Otterbein

    Paul O'Neill, Otterbein

    Lynn Jones, Thiel


    Chris Coste, Concordia-Moorhead

    Bob Wickman, Whitewater

    Jim Magnuson, Oshkosh

    Dan Neumeier, Oshkosh

    Doe Boyland, Oshkosh

    Jim Gantner, Oshkosh

    Gary Varsho, Oshkosh

    Scott May, Oshkosh

    Terry Jorgensen, Oshkosh

    Jarrod Washburn, Oshkosh

    Jack Taschner, Oshkosh


    Scott Chiasson, Eastern Connecticut

    John Caneira, Eastern Connecticut

    Rich Thompson, Amherst

    John Cerutti, Amherst

    Ed Phillips, Colby

    Jason Szuminski, MIT

    Jerry Remy, Roger Williams

    Mike Welch, Southern Maine

    Glenn Adams, Springfield

    Jonah Bayliss, Trinity


    Danny Garcia, Baruch

    Jeff Shaver, Fredonia

    Glen Cook, Ithaca

    Roger Weaver, Oneonta


    Billy Wagner, Ferrum

    Eric Owens, Ferrum

    Daryl Irvine, Ferrum

    Tony Womack, Guilford

    John Hobbs, Lynchburg


    Jason Hirsh, Cal Lutheran

    Don August, Chapman

    Jay Pettibone, Chapman

    Marty Castillo, Chapman

    Tim Flannery, Chapman

    Gary Lucas, Chapman

    Randy Jones, Chapman

    George Hinshaw, La Verne

    Dave Rucker, La Verne

    Dan Graham, La Verne

    Jim Lentine, La Verne

    John Verhoeven, La Verne

    Willie Norwood, La Verne

    Justin Baughman, Lewis and Clark

    Scott Brosius, Linfield

    Buddy Groom, Mary Hardin-Baylor

    Brett Gideon, Mary Hardin-Baylor

    Craig Caskey, Puget Sound

    Mick Kelleher, Puget Sound

    Rich Hand, Puget Sound

    David Hulse, Schreiner

    Mike Timlin, Southwestern

    Scott Terry, Southwestern

    Tony Barron, Willamette

    Rusty Kuntz, [East Bay]

    Steve Andrade, [East Bay]

    As you can tell, not many notable players, and very few compared to the overall picture of the MLB. Good luck though!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Anyone can make the MLB if they're good enough. If you're already going to MIT, work hard in school and get that degree because most people don't make MLB.

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  • 1 decade ago

    play in a summer league sponsored by MLB. cape cod, alaska, necbl,northwoods, etc. scouts frequent these leagues and most if not all MLB teams have their scouts write a report on every kid in the league. Ask your coach to help you get in a summer league. teams usually fill rosters quick so get moving

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it all depends on how good you are...where you go doesnt make a will be a little harder for you to be recognized since you dont go to a big baseball school but if your good enough to go to the pros the scouts will deffinatly find you...pad those stats and keep workin hard and youll get there

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  • 1 decade ago

    Probably. You might get drafted and have a small chance of being sent up but if you get good grades i'd just ignore it and try to get a good job.

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  • 1 decade ago

    yes just play well

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