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Dell asked in Home & GardenGarden & Landscape · 1 decade ago

can you give me some examples of insects you don't want in your garden???

are there any insects you know of that you don't want anywhere near your plants??????????


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Here are some small insects you def. don't want:


    The Problem: These are pretty common, but very hard to see. 3 millimeters and green, they love the undersides of leaves where they suck until the leaf becomes rolled and sticky.

    The Solution: You can spray the plant leaves to knock off the offenders and use a spray of water and soap (best to use insecticidal soap from the nursery). Repeat every few days until they’re gone.

    Spider Mites

    The Problem: Too little to see with the human eye, these guys also hang out on the underside of leaves. You’ll know they’re there if your leaves turn yellow and wither. At the worst, there’s a white web on the leaves.

    The Solution: Rinse the leaves as with aphids and spray. You can also move the plants to a cool spot as you do this. Spider mites like it hot.


    The Problem: Little white flies. Usually a whole lot of them, and they fly up disgustingly when you touch a leaf (they like the underside) or water. The leaves wither.

    The Solution: Use an insecticidal soap on them, and they’ll bite the dust pretty quickly.


    The Problem: 3 millimeter yellow-brown nasties that hold onto the stems and leaves. They leave behind little white fluffs and the leaves get sticky.

    The Solution: You can squish the bugs between your fingers if you’re not like me and have a bug phobia. Otherwise, clean off the critters with a hose or hard spray with insecticidal soap and treat with horticultural oil you can buy online or at the nursery.

    Check out the link below for some of the larger ones you also don't want (you can also click the live links on each to see photos of them, and you can find out about beneficial insects--ones you DO want!)



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  • 1 decade ago

    slugs and aphids are the worst...will chew through many plants. For slugs, try sluggo; aphids use a spray on chemical from the hardware store.

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  • Mike
    Lv 6
    1 decade ago

    aphids, slugs, and ants!

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