Why does Somaliland wants to separate from Somalia>?


Actual Reason's Please because i think it's extremely Ridiculous that they want to separate>>

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    The people of Somaliland (mostly part of the Isaaq tribe) were brutalized and neglected by the long reigning president of Somalia, Siyaad Barre, who gave his own tribe members (Marehan, subclanned under Darod) power under his presidency. His corrupt and hateful reign has put Somalia in the position it is in now, since 1990. Somaliland is an example of the Somali people coming together and rebuilding a nation lost by a wrongful government. Somaliland has its own government, institutions, established offices AND MORE. Did you know the thousands fleeing from Mogadishu today run towards Hargeisa where centres and aid has been set up for the many refugees? But the Southerners still want to talk ill of Somaliland and Somaliland success. Shameful.

    If there is an contempt or ill-will against the people of South Somalia from Somaliland, it was in the years of the Barre government, where he neglected other tribes and the Bantu Somalis. His failed socialist nation brought Somalia to an anarchy, and I pray to God Somalia can recover. In the mean time, Somaliland will prosper and InshaAllah (God Willing) we will be recognized and allowed to govern as a official autonomous state.

    Somalilander's are not hateful, spiteful or resentful. We just want equal opportunity to shine as a country, as we have been flourishing in many aspects and setting an example of where Somalia failed as a nation.

    Lalu212 - Please do not generalize Somalilanders or the Somaliland vision. Other Somalis may accuse Somaliand of separatism, but do you really expect a growing region to partake in the hellhole Somalia has become? Wa ceeb! Somaliland has been sheltering many Southern Somalis and more, with open arms. It is Southern Somalis who talk negatively of Somaliland, but if you ask them where there family in Somalia is now they will say Hargeisa! LOL it's a joke!

    "From what I gather, those from Somaliland believe that their region is better of than the rest of Somalia"

    (your quote)

    We do not think we are better, but we are proof that the Somali people are recooperating after the long effects of the Barre dictatorship! Do not try to spin Somalilanders as hateful tribalistic old men! Somalia is proof dependence and abuse of qabil will lead you to your doom. Somaliland will not fail where Somalia has. I guess you are from the South, because "what you gather" is from biter family members! I'm not surprised if you are Darod, as I've seen your other answers on Y!A concerning Somaliland, and your strict denial for its self-sovereignty. Fadlan indhahaga foor, walaalo, time is changing & Somaliland is the future. There have already been many international countries who have condoned it's state.

    ~~~HotMali Chick~~~

    To answer your question with more detail, the people of Somaliland have been isolated, quarantined and neglected for decades with Barre's government, and this forced the Somalis in the North to form their own ties, groups and in general, government. The Somaliland people are not serperating because they hate they brethren, the LOVE their Somali sisters and brothers, it is just that after YEARS of being abused by a President who made you and your people feel like second class citizens, will give you a sense of patriotism in your heart for your rights and people.(regardless of tribe)

    Please read this article: http://www.somalilandnet.com/somaliland_voice/opin...

    Somaliland Ha Noolato! (Love Live Somaliland!)

    Source(s): Proud Somalilander!
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    Afr-Cam: Some young Somalis call themselves "Mali". lol They just shorten the word "Somali".

    Desi Princess: The Somaliland region does not even border Kenya. It borders Djibouti and Ethiopia.

    The people that suggest that Somaliland is the only autonomous and relatively safe and peaceful region of Somalia is incorrect. Puntland is also a region of Somalia that is independent and relatively safe. Also, Somalilanders are not different from other Somalis in either language, religion, culture, or ethnicity. They look identical to any other Somali person. From what I gather, those from Somaliland believe that their region is better of than the rest of Somalia - in politics, technology, just about any area. Also, I believe that it's based on tribal conflicts. Each region in Somalia (there are more than two) are mostly inhabited by a single tribe. Somaliland is no different - it's known to be the land of a certain tribe. Tribes and politics have long been intertwined in Somalia's history. So some people from Somaliland felt that their tribe has been marginalized or wronged in the past by the other tribes of people in Somalia, so they feel that they deserve to have their own land and that they would be better off than the lowly other tribes (the way that some Somalilanders speak about "southerners" conveys a bit of contempt).

    Source(s): The truth - bring on the thumbs down.
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    Because, I actually believe that ignorance is the main reason why some people are dreaming to divide North Somalia (British Somaliland) from South Somalia (Italian Somaliland).

    Non-Isaq tribes (and some Isaqs) of Somaliland do not share the separations of some separatists who would like to divide Somalia. The Dhulbahante and Warsangeli will never agree to be separated from their Darod blood brothers in northeastern regions in Somalia (Puntland). They do not want to become like the Kurds of Iraq and Turkey, a minority in Somaliland and a minority in Somalia and lose their historic domination in Somali politics. The Gedibursi tribesmen in the Diaspora also have been much spoken in their opposition to the separatists.

    Is there a possible to Somalia may be divided into many tribes but all of them speak the same language, believe the same religion, share the same culture, and have the same long and wonderful past.

    Personally, I am Somali from north Somalia (British Somaliland), totally, I am ready to die to make my dream come true, because I am not afraid of what would come after. But I am not ready yet, I have more work to do, I have loads to make, create, achieve before my time truly comes.

    I have lived for my dreams, always, worked to make all of them come true (and made most of them do so far, even/especially the childhood ones) and through the "good" and the "bad", there's nothing I'd want to throw away!

    By the way, one of my dreams is to come together ethnic Somali peoples like north Somalia, south Somalia, Djibouti, Somali region of Ethiopia and northeastern province of Kenya to achieve a GREATER SOMALIA.

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    SOMALILAND WILL NEVER EVER BECOME A COUNTRY!!! Somalia has the longest coast of Africa and Ethiopia is jealous of that so they want to divide Somalia but the dumb stupid isaaqs( btw in Borama, they're known as xayawaays which means animals in Somali because they don't know how to use their brains) are supporting their enemy's ahem ahem..ETHIOPIA!! SOMALILAND WILL NEVER BE RECOGNIZED as long as DHULBAHATE and GADABUURSAY(my tribe) and WARSANGEGILIS are still alive!! I AM FROM BORAMA and I AM AGAINST SOMALILAND!! I'm somali and I'm from Somalia! People in BORAMA can't say that they're against Somaliland because if they say that, they'll be targeted and will get killed so they are forced to support Somaliland just like how it is in Erigabo and LasAnod!! I hope the Somali government in Mogadishu does something about it very soon!! LONG LIVE SOMALIA!! LONG LIVE AWDAL STATE OF SOMALIA!!

    Source(s): I am somali and I'm against the so called "Somaliland" which isaaqs are creating to divide my country!
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    Somaliland was colonized by the British, Somali was colonized by Italy. Both countries share a common culture but Somaliland has been trying to gain independence. The languages are same but the dialect is very different spoken in the two regions. Also it has gained it's independence and is an actual country. Most "landers" term referred to for people of Somaliland sometimes take offense to being mistaken for Somali.

    Source(s): Part Somali.
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    Because Somaliland has some semblance of order and civilization still while the rest of the country is Mad Max 2

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    Easy, Somaliland is peaceful and they're trying to develop a stable economy and progressive society. Whereas Somalia is pretty much the most violent, degenerate country in the world. It's the only place in existence where the #1 industry is piracy.

    IMO they should separate, why the hell should they let the trainwreck that is Somalia bring them down when they're tryin to make somethin of themselves?

  • Somaliland is part of Kenya.

    Source(s): Desi from Kenya/
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    you are from Mali

    tu parles francais? moi je ne sais pas la reponse de ta question

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