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Do agree/disagree: Napolitano should resign "for failing to perform a core government function"?

This is Andrew Sullivan's take on the situation. He basically says she should resign for failing to do her job effectively. If she won't resign Obama should fire her to make it clear that failure and incompetence is not acceptable.

What do you think??

Does she not realize how sick we are of government officials responding to obvious mistakes, errors and failures by bragging about what they did get right?..........This attitude was what enraged people about the Bush administration. If Obama wants to show he is not like that, he needs to fire Napolitano now, and explain why there are no excuses in his administration for failing to perform a core government function like ensuring that airline security is as fool-proof as possible. The rest of us have had to go through hell for years in airports only to see this happen.


For all those bringing up the Bush administration: I THOUGHT OBAMA WAS HOLDING HIMSELF TO A HIGHER STANDARD??

Or was that more empty rhetoric??

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    She should never have been appointed to this important job in the first place.

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    You know it will come down to that. They'll frame it in a way that makes it look benign as opposed to dictatorial, i.e. "Any hospital that receives ANY type of government money MUST perform abortions." This will include patients on MediCare, MediCaid, municipal workers, veterans, ANYTHING OR ANYONE that can in ANY WAY be connected to Federal, State or Local tax money. If they plow the road leading to the hospital will count. NO Roman Catholic will approve of this, and if they try to force the local Diocese to do this they will close the hospitals before they perform one abortion. WE have freedom of choice too. WE choose to not abort a child. So Barry will take our money away and our hospitals will be forced to close. One reason why I wish I was a fly on the wall when ol' Nancy visited with The Pope. You can't claim to be a "good Catholic" if you approve of abortion. You can't take Communion. She does both.

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    She should have resigned or been given the axe when she released that report suggesting returning veterans and gun owners where a potential threat against homeland security. If that mistake won't get her fired why should a terrorist trying and failing to blow up an airliner be any different?

  • She is a disgrace. She is completely incompetent. Sadly, I have seen this so many times in the Corporate world. The most inept people get promoted more times than you care to believe; because if makes them completely dependent on their Superior. They will do whatever they are told. They are yes men and not thinkers. That's what Obama wants.

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    It's only a few months till we start saying to all of the fools in D.C "Your Fired"!

    She needs to go.

    This Revolution will be done without firing a shot.One vote one person at time.

    I have let Frank and Robert from Jersey know.It's over for them soon.

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    I thought she should have been fired after creating the "Rightwing Extremism Report" where she defined those who are in pro-life activist groups as 'terrorists'.

    She is a threat to our basic liberties and should be considered a terrorist her own definition!

    What a lunatic!

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    Yeah ! She should get the same treatment that the Bush officials got for the simultaneous failures leading up to 9-11. I think Rumsfeld was executed by firing squad, wasn't he?

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    She is a light weight just like her boss.

    She needs to create a diversion for the American people. Maybe another WACO like the that other Janet did.

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    How many times does this have to be said ????? >>>> HE DIDN"T GO THROUGH TSA !!!

    He came from Nigeria, then boarded a flight in Amsterdam !

    TSA has no control in foreign airports. They have their own screening process. The only reason this guy was on any list, was because his student visa was denied..... which is not a "red flag" to suggest he's a terrorist.

    What would you suggest in this case ?.... hire psychics to read the minds of passengers as they board a flight ?

    How do you prevent something you have no intel about ? They guy has no criminal record for example...

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    She is but one of Barry's amateur and incompetent Axis of Idiots... they ALL need to be FIRED, including Barack Hussein 0bama mm mm mm.

    The ONLY thing that kept body parts from floating in the Atlantic is pure dumb luck that the underwear bomber phucked up his mission...

    With their Kumbaya policy toward extreme Islam, these clowns will get Americans killed.

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    1 decade ago

    She is as unqualified for her position, just as obama is for his! He risks this Country's safety just to pay back campaign help...

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