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How can we manage file and folders in computer system?

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    We can manage file and folders in computer system by having file and folder manager in computer system.....

    Files and Folder Manager displays the folders and files along with the space occupied by them on a disk drive.

    All the Hard Drive partitions will be displayed on the Left panel named 'Shortcuts', just clicking on a particular drive will display the system tree of that drive. It will show all the folders, there size, the files under those folders and the size of those files.

    At the bottom it also displays a folder tree that demarcates each folder in different colors, showing the folder name, size, and size of folders and files inside files available under the selected folder.

    Facility to see a print preview and taking a printout of the folders and files displayed is also possible.

    You just need to click in the drive link displayed on the left and File and Folders Information will be displayed in a tree view structure.

    Options you will find in the File and Folder Information….

    >>Drive Settings

    Enabling or Disabling the settings of viewing folders and files of hard drives, removable drives, CD-ROM drives, remote network drives, RAM drives can be done.

    >>Folder Settings

    A particular folder can also be set in the shortcuts panel to view it folders and files.

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