Is college worth the debt i'll be in? and is going to a bachelors in social sciences like soc and psy a waste?

So after i get my associate degree in Human Services i will have 20,000.00$ in loans, the average pay will be around 15$/hour. Do you think it will be worth it for me to go further and get a Bachelors of arts in community studies, majoring in psychology and a minor in sociology? I will prob have about 40,000.00$ in loans by the time I'm done of my BA. Or do you think i should just stick with my associates degree and work for 15$ an hour?

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    Im going to be blunt with you. Your Majors dont pay well. They are for helping people more then making money. If you are worried about college being worth the money then switch your major. Money making majors are Accounting, Finance, Enginering, Mathmatics, Computer Science, Marketing, etc. Your major along with Communications, English, natural science, theology, and a regular Ba in psychology dont land you in a high paying field. Granted if you get your Masters or Doctorite in these it they may pay of, but no where in comparison to the others. Your majors about doing what you love and helping people. A college degree is always worth it, from a reputable college/university. If your that worried about making money dual major. You will reach a limit when you need to have a college degree in order to move up or be considered. Good luck.

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    15 an hour? My husband brings home 50% more than that with out a degree (retail manager)! best to major in something that will pay! I have a bachelor's degree in nutrition and and am in an internship that will also grant me a Master's when i am done. i will make NO LESS than $24/hr to start, then after experience it is all up from there. I talked to a dietitian who makes nearly 6 figures after being an RD for 20+ years.

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    Don't shy away from getting better credentials in your education. Though you will be in more debt if you take up getting the Bachelors, you will come out having more experience. Employers value the bachelors much more so than the associate degree.

    With better education comes better job. You will be able to pay off your loans easier if you have a better job with better pay, correct?

    Try and get as much education as possible. It will pay off in the end.

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    Look into information concerning repaying your loans. I read about a certain initiative concerning education loans.

    You repay your education loans according to your income at the time (monthly payment). After you have been paying for ten years, if you have been working in a public service occupation, you will be forgiven the rest of your education debt.

    This is something that is being done to encourage public service occupations. Look into it with your student loan provider and with the Department of Education. The Dept. of Ed. buys student loans from the loan providers; they bought mine at least.

    This could be some good info for you.

    Good luck!

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    Try to go for the Bachelors cause this means you make more money and when you make more money its easier to pay off all your debts If you calculate everything right that can take you only two years to pay off...

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    wow, i would try applying for scholarships and stuff. its worth it, but you'll have to make payments your whole life, but at the end of the day! you can say to yourself i did it, i am someone =). besides with a degree multiple what u make now by 3 =). in the end its def worth it. and theres nothing better than seeing a independent woman with a degree.

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    if you're going to major in sociology or psychology, you would have to get a masters to be licensed to work anywhere.

    see if you qualify for any scholarships- through the school or state. that would help a lot on costs.

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