What is the average amount of calories needed per day?

im wondering what the average amount of calories needed per day is. also, im a vegetarian, and i am waaay below on my protein, i dont eat meat so it makes it much harder, plus, i am on a $100 budget, i love soymilk, but is that enough? i mean, most of my recipes are made with beans, but im just not sure what amount i need per day. does it matter what my age or height is? i dont know if that has anything to do about it, and how will i know how much protein i am eating?


ya, i dont think 8000 calories is right, thats a lot of calories, even if you weigh alot, its not healthy to have that many, im pretty sure 1200 is right, i have heard that 1500 is the right amount, maybe 2000 but 8000 is extremely high, but thank you for your answers :)

Update 2:

what about the fact that i havent had soymilk or beans for about a month, i dont have any money, infact i havent for awhile, i've basically been having vegetable soup and spagetti for the past month, do you think im a bit deficient? i havent really eaten any protein, i had a bag of chips the other day, they had 2 grams of protein in them, but i doubt thats enough.

Update 3:

i dont really think you're right, you can say that soy is bad, but yet you eat hamburgers which are filled with hormones injected into cows that make children mature way too fast, and i dont mean mentally, i mean physically and sexually which is not healthy, too much fat can cause cholesterol problems, which lead to heart attacks, soy is a plant, i dont see how eating plants can hurt me, and im not a vegan, i do drink milk, eat eggs, cheese, butter and other dairy, i just eat products that dont hurt the animals, mass producing animals for money is rediculous, especially the way ppl do it, did you know that to make veal loaf, they tie down baby cows and force feed them so their muscles are tender, my question is, how would any of you like to be tied down, force fed, branded with a hot iron and slaughter for fat, lazy, ungrateful people, not to mention, slaughter houses move too quickly and usually dont kill the cows before they slice and dice them

Update 4:

sorry about the vague part, must of not realized it, i work out four hours a day, im 4'11 and im small framed, i do tae bo, tai chi, yoga, curves, and i ride my bike, all of it daily, i dont really have a regular bed schedule, due to my nightmares, but due to not having money this month, i've lacked on most of my nutrients, i also take a multivitamin daily, i feel sick sometimes, and im in pain in my back, is that lack of certain foods? or minerals?

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    Depends on lean mass and activity level. For females it typically ranges from 1,500-2,500 calories.

    1,200 is too low to maintain weight and 1,500 is only suitable for females who are sedentary with little lean mass. I understand you are short and small framed, but also very active with a good amount of lean mass so I'm pretty sure you will need more than 1,500 calories a day...probably closer to 2000 calories.

    Calculate your daily calories needs here: http://www.muscleandstrength.com/tools/bmr-and-dai...

    As for protein, you should eat at least 0.5g of protein for every lb of body weight. For example if you weigh 100lb then you need approx 50g of protein to maintain your lean mass. I know you are on a budget but you could try whey/soya protein shakes if you are not getting enough in your diet.

    Hope this helps.

    Source(s): P.S. In defence of the guy above who said 8000kj, that's not calories it's kilojoules which is roughly equivilent to 2000kcal a day (or 1,912kcal to be precise lol).
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    Soy is a horrible food it increases estrogen and is generally bad for your health. If your a vegetarian your main concern will be lack of fat. Many calories are derived from fat you could take protein powder and nuts to get protein but these have minimal calories you need fat. The only thing I could think of is ensure but its made from milk protein concentrate so maybe it's not for you. If your a female you can get by on 1400 calories this is if your a small framed person otherwise 2000 is better. Where can you get these calories? Maybe refried beans and rice although refried beans contains lard which is a form of Animal fat so maybe not for you maybe stop being a vegetarian? Think about it if your were alive 100 years ago you would die nothing for you to eat no soy patties fake meat Products nothing all of these are made from grain and if you love animlas so much here is an intersting fact. Ok the truth is many small animals die in the harvesting of grain rodents squirells etc.. You cant really be healthy as a vegitarian i eat 50/50 I eat meat but eat tons of fiber foods like beans apples fruits i drink milk eat food taht contains chicken and eat hamburgers now and again for the FAT>

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    Soymilk nuts beans all are great sources of protein so no worries

    and average amount of calorie? some people are 7 foot tall some people are 5, some weigh 250 pounds some weigh 100, some do 4 hours of excercise and some sit around so ur question is kinda vague

    but i assume ur a woman so around 1000-1200 calories will keep u healthy and in shape

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    I can tell you I have lost 90 pounds in the last 8 months and I try to stay at 1800 cals a day, I came up with my own eating method counting the calories and left enough to eat and snack when i just need something, and that keeps me at my 1800 cal or less.


    Source(s): My very own experience from trial and error
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    for a male average calories per day is 1800 and for a female is 1500

    u just have a protein deficiency which can be overcome easily even if u continue a vegetarian diet

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    Fruits and vegetables have hardly any calories, and they're easy to burn off w/ light exercise. And some vegetables like avocados are high in healthy fats.

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    around 8000 kj

    give or take depending on physical exercise amount

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    You don't actually need that much protein, you probably get plenty.

    Um, 1200-2500 depending on your weight/height/muscle mass and how much you exercise

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