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Emancipation of a minor question?

I'm not in danger, neglected or abused, pregnant or married. I live in a stressful house, my mother doesn't have to guts or responsibility to get me out of here, only she has custody and rights over me, my biological father is unknown, I've never met him. I'm 15 years old, I love in Florida, I have apartment information, work proof and everything in information for maintaining myself. My mother agreed to emancipate me at 16, the common age to be able to get an emancipation but is there any way i get it earlier?

If it's needed, I'm home-schooled and have had a 3 year history of Depression and BPD that I'm extremely close of getting out of.


TYPO, I meant to say I LIVE in Florida.

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    You would qualify for foster care placement but not emancipation, Florida's legal age of majority is eighteen. FRC: Title 1 Chapter 1. The exceptions are marriage and enlistment in the military at 17, both of which require parental permission. If there is a legitimate reason for leaving (such as abuse), the teen can contact state social services to aid them in their situation.

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    No apartment might allow you to sign a settlement as a minor, till you're emancipated. whilst you at the instant are not legally an person then you certainly can no longer enter in a legally binding settlement. you're able to pass out of your place with parental approval, because of the fact no one may well be calling the police and reporting you as a runaway.

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    "The age of majority in Florida is eighteen. In order to seek a court mandated emancipation, minors must submit a statement of "character, habits, income, and mental capacity for business, and an explanation of how the needs of the minor with respect to food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and other necessities will be met." In addition, minors must state whether they are party to any court action taking place in Florida or another state. Minors must also submit a statement explaining why they seek an order of emancipation. Parents must be notified of any such proceeding"

    One thing you need to realize is that you have to have a very good reason for needing to be separated from your mother. The court must determine that it would be beneficial for you to do so. I'lll be honest, minor emancipations are rarely approved.

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    The answer is; you don't WANT to be on your own.

    College graduates going into their jobs can barely afford the residences they live in. How do you expect to do it with no education labor limits that apply to your age, legal and physical?

    I promise you that you're screwing yourself ten fold by leaving rather than staying.

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