can anyone tell me british & american english spelling differences and the rule differences?

all i know is in british its "or" in america is "our" in britain and "er" in america it's "re" in britain

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  • 1 decade ago
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    there are many differences , u could find them at

    i actually had them but i have lost it

    i would send u when ever i will find it

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  • flavia
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    3 years ago

    there's a distinction in pronunciation as in the slang. American slang has a bent to sound harsher. Bugger off, between the English maximum useful incredibly equates to Fu_ ok off. there is likewise a distinction in meanings od some phrases. You occasion of the word pants, refers to underclothes collectively as trousers are the blue denims or dress pants worn with a jacket. some thing I even have found out is that some infants from India seen to very snobbish approximately English and could use the excuse of British English being perfect especially much as a crutch or block to proceed to be distinctive and to place down individuals. it appears that evidently a conceitedness to many, yet i've got self assurance that's a protection from being teased. No language is stupid, whether that's utilized in an ideal way and if somebody to whom the language isn't their widely used one is prepared to income the language of the country the place they're. in my opinion i does no longer evaluate somebody a pal that spoke to me the way he has spoken to you,

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