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Set-up for photosynthesis

There are two set-up for investigating conditions necessary for photosynthesis by using destarched green plants. One (plant A) is a control set-up, a destarched plant put under sunlight. Another one (plant B) is also a destarched plant, but it is put in a bell jar. The jar is covered with black paper. There is air and soda lime in the jar. It is also put under sunlight, like plant A.

No conclusion can be drawn because it is NOT a fair test. It is unfair because there are two variables.

Q1: What is a fair test?

Q2: What is the two variables? Or is there more variables actually?

Please please please answer me as soon as possible. Thank you very much!!!


Then how to make it a fair test?

Update 2:

that means it's impossible to change the original test into a fair test?

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    1. A test contain only one variable

    2.the two variables are the amount of light and carbon dioxide the plant recieved

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    cover part of a leaf with aluminium foil and put the plant under sunlight for a few hours

    After that, test the leaf whether which parts of the leaf have carried out photosynthesis

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