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marriage with us bf

before I apply the us visa I wrote the application from is single,and I get 10 yrs visa but before I apply I was divorsed. now i want get marry with us citizen bf,when we register marry in us, I need to tell I was divorsed in HK? and then when I apply the green card the us government will not approve my apply because I was divorsed but the visa application from I wrote is single. pls help me.


pls give me more information. thks a lot

Update 2:

thks the reply. that mean I am no way to apply the green card and marry with my us bf?

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    My recommendation for you now is NOT TO ACT EVERYTHING STUPID for now.

    Here are the reason:

    What the U.S. Government does not like to see is applicants lying in the application. Although single and divorced does not constitute a major difference, trust me on that people are in fact banned from entering the United States for life because of some stupid mistakes. They will rather approve a substandard application than a fraudulent application.

    So in order to make this work, you should:

    1. Don't attempt to use your B1/B2 Travel Visa to gain entry to the United States for any reasons other than travel.

    2. Apply K-1 Nonimmigrant Visa for a Fiance(e). In this case, you will be disclosing your actual purpose to the U.S. Government.

    In this case, you should be able to avoid Consular or USCIS Officer digging around your application (These situations usually happen when you are doing the wrong thing in the wrong time. For example, change from a tourist to a student).

    As always, all marriage history has to be disclosed (documents may be required upon request).

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    Not necessary. You have to do it in a correct and legal way.

    Then you will be fine.

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    I will not tell you what to do but rather just provide some facts relatedto your case.

    Fact 1. Lying on an US Visa application is a crime, it could subject to a fine and a entry ban of 10 years to US.Even if you succeesfullyapply and obtain Green Card and got LPR status, if USCIS found out you'd lied in your application, your green card will be void and taken back and you will be deported from US and be subjected to a 10 years entry ban from US.

    Fact 2. Technically you cannot use a B1/B2 visa to adjust to K-3, B1/B2 is a non-immigration intented visa, that mean you do not wish to apply LPR after your visa expire. Seeking Status Change to K-3 is with migration intent, the moment you apply for adjust to K-3, themoment youbreak the law, and they can cancel your travel visa, and deport you and you will need to serve 1 year ban from US. Sometime people succeed indoing so cos the USCIS official gave them a waiver on the go, This is not necessarily the case in most cases.

    Fact 3: It will not endanger your application if you are recently divorced. Lying about it will.

    Fact 4: Writing in your application that you are no single while you are is defaulting CIS, it is illegal.

    Those are the facts, you need to figure out what to do yourselve......

    Source(s): I am a US Citizen, have friend work in USCIS and my wife used to work for Australian Immigration
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    先要離婚証明 之後做番個類似聲明既野 要睇番你如果之前個VISA申請有冇你之前配偶如果有 要做番個聲明 之後登記結婚之後可以申請入國籍 恭喜!

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