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不然會扣分 ex:My name is reuben, i like singing.





  由於老師的推薦,我接觸了美國影集"CSI犯罪現場",這部影集最特別的地方,在於他的題材很與眾不同,美國的影集類似台灣的肥皂劇(Soap Operas)或分季的卡通(Animation)航海王(ONE_PIECE),不過在台灣拍攝這樣的題材,觀眾可能不會買單。




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    With my teacher’s strong recommendation,

    I start to watch the America

    serial episodes of Crime Sense Investigation, as well-known as CSI. As serial

    episodes, CSI provides a very different content, which includes murder,

    robbery, even terrorism, from others. This America

    serial is a little like the soap operas in Taiwan

    or as the same as the serial animation of ONE PIECE in Japan . However,

    CSI’s content is not popular for people living in Taiwan, because people do not

    like the vivid and cruel scenes.



    In the beginning of this serial of

    CSI, police officers are investigating on the intestines which is separating

    all around the street. This scene is so vivid that I totally understand that I

    should start to pay a better attention on watching this serial. The most

    exciting scene in this serial is happened at the moment when police officers

    negotiated with evildoer. The evildoer commits a crime of kidnapping a police

    office and asks for a ransom for exchanging the hostage. Later, the criminal

    detonates a bomb which he ties around his body in advance, and dies of the bomb

    explosion. No only the ransom breaks into pieces, but also the further

    information of hostage is lost due to the death of criminal. Only one message

    from criminal is that the hostage would stay in a well-designed room, and will

    be killed by asphyxia. The most important thing is that no one knew where is

    the hostage.


    The plot ends up in this scene. In

    fact, I do not understand what message or announcement the writer wants to tell

    us. However, I believe that this episode will be more interesting if there is

    any follow-up or further scenario.

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    3、出現兩個對等主句時,要用頭點分開。如and, but等等連接詞所連接的對等句子。注意,逗點出現的位置可參考以上文章。如果你是用moreover, furthermore, however, neverthess當連接詞,則逗點符號的用法如下: He is a student; however, he does not like to study.


    ps: 這裡的格式可能會造成亂碼或不當的斷句。你還是貼回word檔檢查一下好了。

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