are extraterrestrials somehow among us?

have they been living with us for years, and are they somehow influencing are technology and culture? just didn't know what the deeply religious thought of extraterrestrials.


does anyone even believe they exist elsewhere in the universe? do you even believe in the universe?

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    When there is only the most indirect and scanty evidence, the sensible thing to do is leave the question open. We know that the human imagination has enormous scope, and we do not know much about the universe yet. The universe is sufficiently huge that it is interesting to speculate: do all possible worlds occur? Would that mean that if we can imagine it without violating known scientific principles, then somewhere there is such a thing?

    But speculation is all we can do at the moment.

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    5 years ago

    There are so many stars just in the known universe that the chances are that at least a few have life-supporting planets orbiting them. How many? We just don't know and have no means of knowing at present. There is no reason to expect that any planets with life on them have anything smarter than lizards or trees and no reason to expect that such a planet will ever have anything smarter than lizards or trees. In reality life on Earth was nothing more than bacteria for the vast majority of it's history, so there is no reason to expect that planets with life on them have anything but the same sort of thing as bacteria. Therefore the chances that there is some form of space faring beings out there are probably quite small. Since the speed of light seems to be an absolute limit on the speed of anything that has mass, it could take hundreds or thousands of years for any travelers to reach the Earth from another star. Even for a species that lived hundreds of years, the idea of a voyage lasting hundreds or thousands of years must be a bit daunting. That is if they decided to come here. There is no particular reason why they should. So the chances that this planet has been visited by beings from another star system are so small as to be difficult to understate. Even if there are several space faring civilisations in the Universe or even this galaxy, there is no reason to expect that they are or have been here. Ever. Stories of UFOs are just that. Stories. And some of the stories are mistaken identity, some are illusion, some are hallucination, some are delusion, some are fraud.

  • I'm convinced that extraterrestrials exist and have visited the earth. Excellent analogies exist, such as humans going to the jungle and examining apes. Suppose scientists hit an ape with a tranquilizing dart, and did tests on it. Even took semen samples and placed a homing device around its neck. They did it with the intention of helping the endangered species to survive. But if apes could talk and the hapless ape that scientists abducted and examined told his friends and family -- they would think the poor creature had lost his marbles. And pity the poor Martians who witnessed an object sent from the Earth, a robotic soil sampler and camera which landed on the surface of Mars -- coming down with a parachute. The Martian government would ridicule any Martian who suggested it came from another planet. They'd say it was just a weather balloon.

  • 1 decade ago

    When God initiated the big bang all the elements spread throughout the Universe.

    Meaning: the elements we have here on Earth are the same as the elements on a far distant planet.

    Perhaps, the level or amount is different but the type is exactly the same.

    The latter is scientific fact, with the above information we can conclude that a planet anywhere in the Universe would not have a special element etc...

    We try to coin the latter (special elements) in sci-fi movies as aliens having this superior power/technology which is pure fiction in reality!

    When you look through your eyes at mankind you are seeing human beings with a living soul created by God.

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    Given the extraordinary size of the universe, it's very probable that life exists elsewhere. I don't think that this life has mastered space travel or has made any sort of contact with us, though, and I doubt that we'll ever become aware of one another. The universe is just too damn big and space travel between even neighboring galaxies just seems unlikely.

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    1 decade ago

    Aren't angels sort of "extraterrestrials " ?

    Maybe Jesus was a visitor from another planet....curing people and bringing back the dead and all

    Like ET...."Ouch"

    and the virgin birth.....maybe he was a test tube baby implanted by "visitors"

    And maybe ascending into heaven......was him getting "Beamed Up"

    Mary got beamed up too

    Maybe the missing link was an alien.....would explain a lot

    Maybe earth is a forgotten colony....of some other planet

    Who really knows for sure?

    Source(s): Sometimes I sure do feel like I am from another planet or a lot of other people are
  • 1 decade ago

    If you watch documentary films, you might find some very interesting ones about untouchable, undetectable, super fast, capable of flying and dep diving, and yet communicating(quacking is what they called it). Well, the Bible says that God kicked(not litterally) satan out of heaven and onto planet Earth, him and the angels that supported him(1/3 of all that were there). Those angels are on Earth and somewhere, it is entirely possible that they are those extraterrestrials.

    Source(s): Documentary films.
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    1 decade ago

    Some scientist dude did an equation (which I can't cite but it's pretty well known) that statistically, if you consider how many stars and inhabitable planets there are in the universe, that there most likely is intelligent life.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Millions of years ago an alien race manipulated a breed of semi-aquatic apes to create a slave race to serve them in their exile, these beings were then eradicated by a far more malevolent society of reptoid like aliens that were vastly out numbered by humans( the slaves of Atlantis), as a result they learned to blend- okay I cant do it any more this is such bullshit! haha!

  • 1 decade ago

    No, aliens are not among us. Yes, I believe in them. Yes, I believe in the Universe. Who doesn't?

    By the way that (incorrect)formula is Drake's formua.

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