is paula abdul & terri seymour lesbian?

i don't think simon & terri was ever 2gether cuz theres not that many pictures of them 2gether i think paula abdul & terri seymour are lesbian lovers cuz there are a ton of pictures with paula & terri & in paula's house there no pic of naked but there are a lot of pic of naked women & shes allways going out with other women 2 night clubs & stuff & then there's the pictures of paula making out with other women wich by the way aren't fake.


the photo of paula & terri is from terri's show extra & what bout all the naked pic of women no men in paula's house & yes it would have really matter cuz i use 2 have crush on her til all the lies not just bout that i believe she's lied bout sleeping with all those kids on idol shes lied bout the drugs she should get a prize 4 being the biggest liar of the century.

Update 2:

on the Howard Stern show on the E! network Howard asked her : Have you ever slept with another woman? then Paula said a way....I have lots of girlfriends..

then Howard asked her again Have you or have you not had sexual relations with another woman? then Paula said Well,...put it this way....I know the beauty of both men AND women & yeah! there was a rumor that paula abdul and corey clark had an affair but i think she slept with all the kids.

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    1 decade ago
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    No they are not lesbians. Those pictures are probally photoshopped, it's very easy to photoshop pictures to make it look real. So they are probally just really good friends, just cuz a woman hangs out with another Woman does not make them a Lesbian.

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  • auty
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    1 decade ago

    I did hear rumors that Paula was bisexual. That wold have let her sleep with whoever, I never heard about her sleeping with the kids on Idol. Remember when she had a hot music career? I always wondered if she slept with her producer(s) though. Check out the lyrics to her songs and see, maybe them or one of the dancers in the videos. She is a choreographer.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you found out would it really matter? Your life isn't benefitting from this knowledge so why don't you pay attention to more important things.

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