Is Our President doing a good job?

I think President Obama is doing a great job considering what was handed down to him. If people would take the time and put their prejudice aside and hear him out, maybe they would understand that He is human and that there is only so much that he can do as a person. It takes us to stand by him and instead of downing him help him understand that if something isn't going to work we should offer a better solution.

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    can y'all stop criticize him.... he promise you all a change, but a change takes time people!!!!! is not like you gonna wake up one day in a new world....

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    I personaly think that Obama is doing absoultly nothing to help this country and is a complete liar with a huge secret adgenda and here is why i think so..

    1. Within the first 6 hours of him holding office he passed executive legeslation stating that you were not required to show proof of birth in the united states to hold the office of the presidency... this raises some red flags because there have been rumors that he was accually born in Africa i think this supports that theory

    2. Within the first month of him holding office he passed legislation giving the U.S goverment 100% access and ownership of all Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter accounts and communications...what this means is that the goverment can now look at every aspect of your accounts on these websites including IM's and messages thanks to Obama

    3. In recent days Obama and several other nations are working in secret to pass "Copyright laws" that give the goverment the power to view and even confiscate the contents of your PC's hardrive and all MP3 players remotely...this is bs because if this gets passed they can get into your computer and see everything if you have even one illegaly dowloaded song or movie on your computer, and lets face it you know you have at least one on there.

    There is alot more were that came from but i wont get into that I think he is not a good leader and i dont think he is doing a good job at all, I think he is playing the entire nation and hes doing it with a nice smile and t-shirts with catchy slogans.... Please live above ignorance dont fall for it know the facts.

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    No -- it is a disgrace to continue to make excuses for Obama because of how badly he is failing America 1 year after he took office.

    Obama has been offered many other solutions but he is so arrogant that he refuses to accept any other suggestions and continues to blame other for his many shortcomings.

    Where is the hope and change that Obama promised us ? ( crickets )

    Where is the promise not to raise taxes on those earning less than $ 250,000 per year ? ( cricket )

    Where is the promise that his health care plan won't cost us any more taxes ? ( crickets )

    Where is his promise not to cut Medicare ? ( crickets )

    Obama is an incompetent, arrogant, phoney and we need to stop making excuses for his continual failures....

    His " stimulus " package stimulated nothing !!!!

    His " cash for clunkers " did not help the auto industry ( most people bought Toyota & Honda ) + it only caused people to junk good pre-owned cars and buy new cars they could not afford

    His " cap and trade " bill wants to impose the greatest taxes , fines + restrictions ever impose upon American Business ( by Obama's own admission the cost of electricity will skyrocket )

    Nobody should make any excuses for the fact that Obama is ruining America every day

    BTW - The only " predjudice " is those who make excuses for Obama because he is black

    Source(s): I am not a racist.....I don't like his white side either.
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    No, he is not doing a good job. He knew what was being handed to him, in fact, he assured you that he could fix it. What he has done has made it worse, and he chose to do so. No matter what he may have inherited--he has taken very decisive steps to make it worse. Threatening those who do not tow the party line, ignoring people marching on Washington, having his DHS secretary pronounce all who do not agree with his policies as terrorists and enemies while BOWING to our real enemies on foreign soil and apologizing, telling anyone who disagrees to shut up, breaking his own executive order on lobbyists in the administration, trying 9-11 masterminds in NYC and giving them our rights, having Holder let the Black Panther voter intimidation thing go without any justice, and spending this country into a hole during a recession while catering to union thugs and special interests is hardly "doing a great job". Only if you consider destroying this country a good job.

    *thumbs up for laughing man--while I don't agree with the things you want, you aren't lying about it and can see that either way you go--lib or con, he is not standing up for anything.

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    There's only so much a president can do, with the whole bureaucracy complaining against everything he does. Congress and Senate are pretty much uncooperative. Republicans don't even give him a chance, whether it's because he's a democrat or his race. Or maybe it's because they simply resist change. They're the lawmaking body. If someone should be blamed for the slow progress of change, blame them. They're bitter from losing the presidential race, so now they're just trying to make the American public go against the guy who beat them all.

    At least he's doing things, despite all of it.

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    Ahhhh lad it is so cute that you have not learned that this is what every president wants, the people to understand him and to support him. The truth is people have different idea's of what they think is right and all are entitled to their opinions. Passions run deep in politics and our history and future would not do well to just follow the leader in fact the questioning of them is what makes them better.

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    Giving a speach then not standing up and standing on principles is not doing a good job.

    If Obama wants me to come out and vote for him he better damn well get the public option passed or he is going to be out and I could give a sh*t if some corrupt Republican takes his place. If the Dems can't elect a person to stand up for the people then we deserve the GOP raping the country for another 4-8 years. Then maybe we can get a real LIBERAL in office.

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    i individually think of that the actuality that the Obama's are the closest ingredient to universal human beings we've ever had interior the White residing house performs a extensive function of their attractiveness. That and his calm, effortless sense attitude to Governing.

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    Yes. The President has kept all of the promises he intended to keep. And he got Nobel for fighting two wars and sending 30, 000 more troops to Afghanistan.

  • for what Obama was handed and the fact that big corps now run DC,,he is doing a great Job

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    1 decade ago

    you guys are still trying to put the blame on someone else. when are you going to grow up and assume responsibility. - obama is doing a great job of screwing up everything he touches. i have heard him out and i don't like what i hear.

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