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Did sid meiers, the creator of civilization have to learn C++ to create civilization?

Or did he hire people to do everything for him:?

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    Sid Meier is a PROGRAMMER, therefore he knows how to program. If you understand programming languages, you can basically pick up ANY programming language in a couple of days. I can't say 100% for sure he knows C++, but being a PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMMER, it is 99.999999999999% likely he has encountered C++. Secondly, whenever a game is created, it is basically worked on by a group of programmers. To come up with the idea of a game (like Civilization), one would have to have knowledge of programming and know of the approaches to take to create aspects of the game. For example, if I was making a tic tac toe game, knowing how tic tac toe works will not suffice. I need to know how to program and how to represent this data in code.

    Also, if you want to make games, make sure you go to university and learn programming.

    And here's a spoiler for you: learning to make games requires a LOT of work in mathematics, programming, and computer science in general. Good luck.

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