Odin's role with the dead?

I was looking up somethings and i came across Odin. I found it interesting how he is god of poetry, the dead, war and wisdom and i was wondering what exactly is Odin's role with the deceased?

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    Odin is the Sky-Father who rules over Valhalla. Valhalla is a sort of Heaven in the sky where warriors go when they die. They are taken to Valhalla from the battlefield by female warrior angels called Valkyrie who ride on winged horses. The Valkyrie are Odin's daughters. In Valhalla the fallen warriors celebrate the glory of war by fighting all day, then in the evening those who have fallen during the day's battle are resurrected again and have a big feast with lots of eating and drinking. Those who die a straw death (i.e., those who are not killed in battle) don't go to Valhalla but instead go to Nifleheim, the underworld of the dead which is ruled by the Goddess Hel or Hela.

    Source(s): Poetic Edda, Prose Edda, Bulfinch, Larousse, The Ring of the Niebelung
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