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What should I charge to clean a house?

My Boyfriend and I are planning on starting our own cleaning business soon as we get the license and I want to know whats best to charge. I am cleaning houses. And all types of buildings. I am offering one time only or monthly prices. But I also will mow the lawn and all of that stuff too for an extra cost. I was wondering what that should cost as well. Thanks. And if you could help me with any cute names for inside and outside cleaning business and slogans would be great too. Right now the name is In & Out Cleaning. But I currently do not have a slogan. So any help would be greatful.


so idk wut i should charge to clean houses give me some ideas please? i am new to this but i want to start a cleaning business.. i already got a name & slogan that i came up with.. sweep & shine.. slogan is we sweep for cheap.. :))

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  • Bert R
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    1 decade ago
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    I can give you a general idea. You should do some 'test' cleaning of various rooms in various conditions (really dirty, to barely) and various sizes, and see how long it takes you to do each. That gives you an idea. Each home will be different in size and cleaning needs. For the best cost effectiveness, because you do not want to lose money nor customers, do not bid your pricing by the hour. By doing so, as you get better and faster, you will either be wasting time to make the bidded hours or losing customers because they think they didn't get their money's worth. Instead, bid by the sq foot-which is calculated from your test cleaning. Have different pricing for the degree of cleaning needed, again from your tests.

    I hope this helps. I have some more tips and resources-including pricing charts and contracts-on my Squidoo lens about starting a cleaning business. The link is in my Profile.

    Best of luck to you and your boyfriend!

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Perhaps your charges must be founded at the situation and measurement of the house. Perhaps your customers don't must pay management charges most effective the hidden charges in your offerings. You must cost for cleansing offerings by means of the hour. The components to estimate what number of hours are had to blank a house involves the rectangular pictures, quantity of occupants, pets, present situation, and the provider asked (elementary cleansing, deep cleansing or purchaser choice cleansing.) When you furnish a cleansing cost estimate, enable for adequate time to whole each and every process satisfactorily. Keep in brain that it's going to take longer to wash a house which has now not been most commonly maintained, or a house which has three pets, four kids and a operating mother, then the identical measurement house of a meticulous retired couple who want elementary protection cleanings.

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  • 1 decade ago

    In and out Sounds like something sexual to me... You havta just work out how long something will take you to clean then put a figure on how much you willing to charge per hr then do the maths....Simple...

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