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What are the odds of that Cutler, Peterson, and Miles austin can get 62 points to beat me?

My opponent has Jay Cutler, Adrian peterson, and miles austin.

Will he get 62 points with those players?

MY honest guesses here:

Austin - 18 points

Peterson - 22

Cutler - 14

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    Not sure of your scoring system but..

    Austin had a near 100 yd game

    Peterson will have a huge game in what should be a running game for Vikes, he's really the one you should worry about!

    Cutler, he's been in a god-awful slump, 14 might be a little off but he's not going to have a huge game either!

    Austin - 22

    Peterson- 30

    Cutler - 17

    It actually might be close but good luck man!

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