Tokio Hotel Family: I miss Tokio Hotel *tear*.....?

Okay, I know we've all gotten over the fact that "Tokio Hotel is trying something new, etc, etc." But sometimes I REALLY miss the old Tokio Hotel who used to sing songs about stuff I could relate too. Where the Instruments sounded real and there was a song for each mood you were in.

Do you now what I mean? :s

I still love Tokio Hotel with all my heart but there are those times when I just want to hear songs like Monsoon and see Bill in his cute jeans and tshirts. :'(

I miss the times when they performed like this:

Youtube thumbnail

Youtube thumbnail

(in the second video, isn't 2:43-2:45 SO CUTE!!!?) :P

I just don't get that OMG vibe when i'm listening to *some* of their songs anymore.

I think I just feel that they just matured too quickly. One day they were silly boy's from Germany and now they're sophisticated international stars. Nevertheless, i'm proud of them. :) <3

How do you feel about this topic & sorry if I sound whiny. :s

Poll: What is your all time favourite TH song, german or english?


@ Myrsha_Kaulitz [Leipzig], yup.. im on the fb TH family :D

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    1 decade ago
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    nope, i completely agree with you!!! i thought that right away when they came out with their new cd... i really hated it at first but now i like it i just like their old stuff better.

    also it made me sad when they were absent from the spotlight and all of a sudden a year later they're completely different and i couldn't understand and keep up!! they are all so changed and the fans didn't even get to keep up with the transition.. also it makes me sad that Bill seems so sad... he used to brighten my day and make me giggle and that helped alot when i was depressed.... but now that he's the one that seems totally sad it's helpless cuz no one could really make him feel better unless they know him super well and are trying super hard... also he has so many fans and he can not even find love when so many girls love him the way he is.. poor gusti and what he's been through this past year, and Tom with the new court stuff.. ugh.. but hey at least Georg has found love and i'm happy for that:) idk i just miss the old them:)

    hahah ya i hope i don't sound whiney either cuz i do love these boys, they are amazing and i hope they do GREAT in the future which i know they will because come on their TOKIO HOTEL have u heard their music?!?!?!? lol

    Poll: i love Ich Bin Nicht Ich, Break Away, Human Connect to Human, Humanoid and Phantomrider... Well i love all their songs but those are just the 3 ones i love most (if that's possible)

    wow i kinda ranted, sorry xD

    Best wishes:)♥maddy

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I laughed SO hard at that picture! xDDDDDDDD - Hug Bill. I love my Gusti, but I love Bill quite a bit more. It'd be an awkward situation to be in :/ - Tom teach me guitar. Why? That requires way more than two hours. The more time spent with a band member, the better ;D (Though, it was a tough choice. xD) - Raid Bill's closet. I bet I couldn't fit into anything of his because he's so thin and tall, which I'm neither, but at least I'd have something :) - Oh gosh...why make me choose?! That's so cruel! ...uh, Tokio Hotel. NO, wait...Tokio Hotel... Can they just tie? xD - No. It was like listening to nails against a chalkboard. I only lasted 5 seconds into the song O_o - A bit. Mostly I just answered them in my head, but I still miss them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't & i'll explain why.

    I don't really see the new album as 'new' TH. I just see that the guys have grown up a little more than the last album. Sure it might not be the way it used to but it's still them, you can tell. There are some older songs i enjoy more than some of the newer ones & there are some newer songs i like more than some of the older ones. I can see why people have got the 'Old TH' & 'New TH' categories but i just jumble them together & make my own category called 'TH' lol

    Besides you honestly can't expect them to not grow up when it comes to maturity. I mean they will always crack jokes here & there but they aren't teens anymore, some stuff they found funny a few years ago just doesn't make sense to them anymore.....In other words; they're getting old xD jk jk

    Poll: Wo Sind Eure Hande

    EDIT: Pia - Guys voices are still going through that whole changing thing until there late 20's lol. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill's voice got as deep as Toms o_O

    ......Okay maybe a little lol

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  • omg thats EXACTLY what i think!!!!!

    i miss when they were always joking around and acting immature. it showed that they were just normal people. and now some of their songs just dont make sense and the lyrics are just so- not tokio hotelish, just so over-produced by those stupid american producers ( no offense, im american too). they just dont sound like they came from the heart. idk if that makes sense. and the "spark" from them is gone. u know when you first listened to their old songs, you would get this feeling inside of you and you would just love them like they were your everything. ya well i just feel that with their new songs. and now they seem so professional and serious and they just dont feel the same. and i miss the old jeans and tshirts bill with all the crazy in-your-face over accessorizing. now bills look is more mature and boring and he wears alot of designer clothing. i just want the old tokio hotel back. the one with the idgaf attitude and the silliness. i miss those days. oh and i miss the cute energetic bill too. the one who was always so cute and jumpy all the time. not the serious tired sad looking bill. :( but i do understand what hes going through though. lol i sound so whiny.....i still love them though and theyre still my fave band. im just glad someone feels the same way i do :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yes,I've realized I have been getting away from the New

    Tokio Hotel but each time I listen to the Old Tokio Hotel

    I feel SUPER in love with them! They didn't use much like you said,when they used their inst-

    ruments. I also miss the old Tom,the old Bill and old

    Gustav (with contacts) too! Thank god Georg hasn't cha-

    nged. I felt "butterflies" when I listened to their songs,

    specially Monsoon.


    German: Nacht Dir Kommt Nichts

    English: Ready,Set,Go!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Awww, i miss it too. ):

    But you can still listen to Monsoon! & i'm sure they'll play it at their concerts; that was on of their biggest songs.

    The instruments don't sound THAT fake.. i will admit that they don't sound as good as their old ones, but i'm sure that since they're trying this out; they'll either go back to the old instruments, or get good at the new ones. :D

    i miss when they performed like that too! ))':

    Everything was so carefree & fun, & now it's like everything has to be perfect. :p

    i still like their music. i like their new stuff almost as much as their old stuff..

    The only thing that bothers me is that they've grown up sooo much.. it used to be that everytime i'd watch a TH video/THtv, it'd make me laugh. Now i hardly ever watch THtv because it makes me sad to think about how they used to act so happy & funny all the time. :p

    Poll ;;

    -Rette Mich [The old version]


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  • I know EXACTLY what you mean!! The videos you posted pretty much made me cry... I miss the 'old' them as well, but I guess I still love the 'new' them like crazy =D

    I guess, though, in a way it's always good, cause their new style is so much more mature/sophisticated and in a way I really like that, and whenever I miss their old style, I can still watch all the old videos of them... but I agree... its not the same and wont ever be the same again ='[

    I do try to remind myself... they like their new style, so why cant I like it as much as they do? They like the fact that they've matured, so I just try to be happy with them, and proud of them as well...

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  • 1 decade ago

    OMG!! finally one in the TH Family who think's like mee!!

    One thing , I'm still being the same fan #1 of TH like ever, I'm veeery proud of them but I miss their typical teenagers jokes, their 18 ages conduct , their natural and unforced smiles....the TH of ...2008

    Yes, now they are 20, now they are most famous , now they're trying to make another type of sound, but thats what I feel, I've allways been missing the old TH in every way... =(

    and yes XD like you, I miss the cute jeans a cool tshirts of Bill <3 , and I've never gonna forget he's super famous lion hair (LLLLLLLLLLLLL)

    But i think is inevitable that they change , they are just like that , they can't stay with the same look or the same music style cause is ...boring for them I think :S

    anyway , allways TH fan , cause I believe in them, and I'm proud of be fan =)

    Source(s): sooorry 4 my english :P btw are you on the TH Family on facebook??
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    OMG i fell the smae way too :(

    i find myself going on youtube to listen to their old songs, rather than their new ones : /

    i miss Toms dreadlocks, he doesnt seem as playful anymore,

    and i miss Bills crazy wild hair, not the....i can think of the word right now aha,

    and Gustav and Georg are different, kinda, but not as much as Tom And Bill.

    and i also miss trying to learn their songs on my guitar, like frei im frein fall.

    but now all i hear is robot sounds and i can exactly hear the guitar,

    i still love them though !!

    poll: i didnt listen to tokio hotel's zimmer 483 came out, but my favorite time would be freunde bleiben !!! ohh mann i loved it when they were live !!

    -kourtni :)(: ! < 3

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  • i know exactly how you feel. i used to feel the same way at first. then humaniod came out, and after a while i got used to it. now i love the new them. i still miss the old th like crazy though. the way i see it is they're lyrics still have alot of the same meanings you just have to think about it a little bit deeper.

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