Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl cake?

Okay I am making my dad a birthday cake.He couldn't make up his mind so we agreed on a chocolate vanilla swirl cake. I am a kid, but a know what I'm doing. I have a chocolate cake mix and a vanilla cake mix. If i just take some batter from each and swirl them together will they mix? Instructions on how to get them swirled together without mixing?-Thanks:)

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  • Emu
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    1 decade ago
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    Put the vanilla cake batter in the pan first (be sure to allow enough room in the pan for the choc. cake batter also). If you have an ice cream scoop...that works great. Just put scoops of chocolate batter spaced evenly over the vanilla batter. (not too close together.) Take a knife and give a nice swirl to each glob of chocolate. Don't mix too much. Two good swirls from each glob should do it.

    Don't forget also that you are using two mixes. That will make two 9x13 cakes or four 8" round layers.

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    Pour one batter into the pan and then take spoonfuls of the other kind and dot them around the cake, then take a knife or fork and swirl the blobs around. Don't swirl them too much or it will mix together and all look the same color/flavor.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Put them into the cake pan in blobs, until it's all in, and then run a skewer or knife in a swirl pattern to create the swirl.

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