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HELP! what are the requirements to attend a college in egypt?!?

ok so am planning to transfer to college in egypt next october and i have nooo idea what are the requirements of each college!

i am graduating with an american diploma and i just took the sat1 and the sat subject test in us history!

but idont know whats the minimum grade they need!

plzzzz help me

thank you sooo much!

oh and do u mind telling me which colleges are good?!

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    ESD (a member here) knows cuz i believe he said before that he went through that

    umm .. i think you have to have your score reports and go to maktab el tansee2 .. and then apply to schools and universities online! not sure though

    which colleges are good?

    depends on whether you want public or private univ.

    public then of course Cairo and Ain Shams universities

    private then AUC .. there a lot others like German and Canadian universities in Cairo

    but these are considered new to AUC

    it also depends on your major and your scores

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  • Well honestly i don't really know,because i was an IGCSE graduate,but i guess that you are going to attend in private university like AUC or GUC or BUE or stuff like that,you don't really need to worry about grades but you need to know that there are different categories and they do depend on your high school grade. If you have any relatives there you could ask them to go check for you or you can visit the university's website and send them a letter or something and ask for the requirements.

    But if you are aiming to join a government university that would be another story.

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